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Is THIS Humane?
Humane (?) Officer draws gun on empty house with animals

Defendant, represented in this case by Attorney Peter Korn,
but in Propria Persona for purposes of this motion
Case No.: 7PY01947
Date:     June 25, 2008
Time:     8:30 a.m.
Place:    Division 119
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT on June 25, 2008, or as soon as the matter may be heard, the defendant, ZSUZSA BLAKELY, will move for an order to suppress the following evidence pursuant to Penal Code section 1538.5:
1)                  17 dogs;
2)                  All statements and observations resulting from th e execution of the search warrant.
This motion will be based upon the accompanying Memorandum of Points and Authorities, and any other evidence that may be presented at the hearing.
Dated:  June 24, 2008
Defendant in Propria Persona

On January 10, 2007, STEVEN PACHE CO (“PACHECO”), an employee and/or agent of SPCALA, along with 14 other persons employed by and/or agents of other entities, broke into defendant ZSUZSA BLAKELY’s (“BLAKELY”) home, purportedly to execute a search warrant, seized BLAKELY’s 17 dogs, along with many other items, held BLAKELY at gunpoint with two different guns, and threatened to taser her. PACHECO told BLAKELY he was arresting her, handcuffed her, and subjected her to sit for two hours in his car. PACHECO presented BLAKELY with a search warrant after her dogs were taken away.
Per Corporations Code 14502, “humane officers” are required to be re-appointed every three years, and to maintain current certificates attesting to continuing education and passing of exams which are certified by the California State Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (“POST”). POST is a California State commiss ion, which was created by our California legislature, to ensure the highest standards of complying with California law by public as well as private agencies or entities in order to be able to do law enforcement. All employees, volunteers, agents, etc. of all agencies or entities doing law enforcement, as well as the agencies or entities themselves, are required to be investigated, audited, and certified by POST in order to be part of the POST program.

Neither SPCALA nor any of the other agencies or entities which took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have been investigated, audited, or certified by POST. Neither PACHECO nor any of the other persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have up to date certificates of continuing education by POST. Additionally, most of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY (including taking her dogs) have never taken any POST-certified classes, as required by Corporations Code 14502. Further, most of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY are only animal control “officers”, in cities other than Los Angeles, so they are not “humane officers” per Corporations Code section 14502, and have no authority to
 take part in any search and seizure, within the city of Los Angeles.
May 2008 California Supreme Court decision has made public the records of POST
POST keeps records of all persons who have satisfied the requirements in order to achieve and maintain peace officer powers. Until very recently, there has been no public access to the records of POST. However, in May 2008, a ruling by the California Supreme Court has given access to POST records to the public, regarding persons with peace officer powers (42 Cal. 4th 278; 165 P.3d 462; 64 Cal. Rptr. 3d 661), in COMMISSION ON PEACE OFFICER STANDARDS AND TRAINING, Petitioner, v. THE SUPERIOR COURT OF SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Respondent; LOS ANGELES TIMES COMMUNICATIONS LLC, Real Party in Interest. This historic decision is timely and pertinent to the instant case because POST records regarding education and certification of “humane officers” is now available. As a result, BLAKELY has discovered that none of the 15 persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY had authority to do so.
POST is the only official State of California agency which certifies
educational programs for those who have the powers of a peace officer
All peace officers and all persons who have the powers of a peace officer must meet basic as well as continuing training and examination requirements, and to have and maintain current certificates. Records of such education are mainta ined by POST.
Penal Code 832.3(a) states:
“Except as provided in subdivision (e), any sheriff, undersheriff, or deputy sheriff of a county,20any police officer of a city, and any police officer of a district authorized by statute to maintain a police department, who is first employed after January 1, 1975, shall successfully complete a course of training prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training before exercising the powers of a peace officer, except while participating as a trainee in a supervised field training program approved by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. “
The agency which oversees the training and examination, and certifies, all persons who are peace officers and/or have “peace officer powers” in the State of California is POST.
Penal Code section 832(a) states:

“Every person described in this chapter as a peace officer shall satisfactorily complete an introductory course of training prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.”
“On or after July 1, 1989, satisfactory completion of the course shall be demonstrated by passage of an appropriate examination developed or approved by the commission [POST].”
Neither PACHECO nor any of the other persons who took part in the break-in,
search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have up to date certificates or proof
of having taken POST-approved classes since their appointments expired
A.     Only those persons who have completed the basic training and examination certified by POST, and who have current certificates of appointment by a court, pursuant to completion of continuing education, are authorized per Corporations Code 14502 to be “humane officers”.
Corporations Code section 14502(a) (1) (A) (ii) states:
“On and after July 1, 1996, only a person who meets the requirements of this section may be appointed as, or perform the duties of, a humane officer.”
B.     All appointments of “humane officers” expire within three years; “humane officers” must be re-certified every three years. PACHECO and a few other persons present at the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY had completed basic training requirements to be “humane officers”, PACHECO in 1999, and the others thereafter, but all certificates of those who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY, including the certification of PACHECO, are expired, and they cannot be legally re-certified by the courts because none of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have completed continuing education requirements. All certificates for those who had them,  expired far more

than three years ago (see Attachment 1). Continuing education and examination, and re-certification of both Level 1 and Level 2 “humane officers”, by a POST-accredited educational institution is required in order for “humane officers” to comply with Corporations Code section 14502.
Corporatio ns Code section 14502(a)(2)(f) states:
all appointments of humane officers shall automatically expire within three years from the date on which the certified copy of the court order was filed with the county clerk.  Officers whose ap pointments are about to expire may only be reappointed after satisfactorily completing the continuing education and training set forth in this section.”
Corporations Code section 14502(ii)(2)(E) states:
“In order to be eligible for reappointment, a level 2 humane officer shall, every three years, complete 40 hours of continuing education and training relating to the power s
and duties of a humane officer, which education and training shall be provided by an accredited postsecondary institution, law enforcement agency, or the State Humane Association of California.”
C.      Additionally, both the California Corporations Code, and the California Penal Code require all those who carry firearms to re-qualify and re-certify at least every six months. Neither PACHECO nor any of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have satisfied this requirement.
Corporations Code section 14502(i)(1)(F) states:
“In order to be eligible for reappo intment, a level 1 humane officer shall complete ongoing weapons training and range qualifications at least every six months pursuant

to subdivision (s) of Section 830.3 of the Penal Code and shall, every three years, complete 40 hours of continuing education and training relating to the powers and duties of a humane officer, which education and training shall be provi ded by an accredited postsecondary institution, law enforcement agency, or the State Humane Association of California.”
Penal=2 0Code section 830.3 states:
“Every peace officer authorized pursuant to this section to20carry firearms by his or her employing agency shall qualify in the use of the firearms at least every six months.”
D.     POST has no record of PACHECO or any of the other persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY having completed any of the continuing education requirements stated in Corporations Code section 14502, nor those stated in Penal Code 830.3. Neither PACHECO nor any of the other “humane officers” who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have demonstrated to POST that they have completed any of the required continuing education; therefore, they have not been legally re-certified every three years as required by Corporations Code section 14502; nor have any of these persons qualified every six months for re-certification to be able to carry firearms.
E.      PACHECO as well as the other persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have falsely represented to the co urt that they are qualified to act as “humane officers” as required in Corporations Code 14502, when in fact they are not. They have acted, and continue to act under color of law, impersonating “humane officers”.
Corporations Code section 14502(m) states:
“Any humane society, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, or person, who knowingly provides a court with false or forged documentation for the appointment of a humane officer, is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of up to ten
thousand dollars ($10,000).”
&nb sp;
Corporations Code section 14502(a)(1)(C) states:
“Each humane society or society for the prevention of cruelty to animals for which an individual is acting as a level 1 or level 2 humane officer shall maintain complete and accurate records documenting that the individual has successfully completed all

requirements established in this section and shall make those records available, upon request, to the superior court, the Attorney General, or any entity duly authorized to review that information, including the State Humane Association of California.”
Neither PACHECO nor any of the other “humane officers” who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have been certified or re-certified per the POST training requirements, in the past three years, let alone in the past six months. None of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have produced any evidence that at that time: 1) they were certified according to the basic training required by statute for “humane officers”; and that 2) they had up to date POST-certified continuing education as required by Corporations Code section 14502. Therefore, none of the persons present at the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY are legally “humane officers”. Therefore, none of the persons present at the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY had the authority to take part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY, and therefore such actions were unauthorized and illegal. All of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY were impersonating officers, which is a crime.
Further, none of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY are legally authorized to carry weapons. Therefore, the possession and use of weapons upon BLAKELY was unauthorized and illegal.
Several of the persons had no POST training at all; none of the persons had up to date certificates; all of the persons were de facto animal control outside their jurisdictions,
and had no authority to take part in the break-in, search, and s eizure upon BLAKELY
A.     Only persons who have satisfactorily completed introductory course of training prescribed by POST, and whose satisfactory completion of the course has been demonstrated by passage of an appropriate examination developed or approved by POST may be deemed to have the powers of a peace officer, per Penal Code section 832.
Penal Code section 832(c) states:

“Persons described in this chapter as peace officers who have not satisfactorily completed the course described in subdivision (a), as specified in subdivision (b), shall not have the powers of a peace officer until they satisfactorily complete the course.”
B.                All but three of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY have never been certified for even the basic training and examination per POST, and are animal control “officers” only. These persons took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY as animal control “officers”, not as “humane officers”, as they are not and have never been “humane officers”. These animal control “officers” are employees or agents of: 1) SPCALA, which is authorized to do animal control in, and has a contract with, only the city of Hawthorne; 2) Pasadena SPCA/Humane Society, which is authorized to do animal control in, and has a contract with, only Pasadena and surrounding cities; 3) South East Area Animal Control Authority (“SEAACA”), which is authorized to do animal control in, and has a contract with, only Downey. None of these animal control “officers”, however, have any
authority whatsoever to act as animal control officers in the city of Los Angeles, which is where BLAKELY resides, and none of these agencies or entities have any jurisdiction whatsoever to do animal control in the city of Los Angeles. Only Los Angeles Animal Services and/or any of its employees or agents have any authority to perform animal control within the city of Los Angeles.
C.        Since none of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY were legally “humane officers”, they were acting de facto as animal control officers”. However, none of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon
BLAKELY have any authority whatsoever to act as animal control officers in the city of Los Angeles, which is where BLAKELY resides. In their break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY, all the persons involved were illegally acting as animal control “officers” outside their jurisdictions.
SPCALA, SPCA/Humane Society of Pasadena, and/or SEAACA
did not submit to examination or investigation by POST

 None of the agencies or entities which were involved in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY submitted to examination and investigation by POST. These agencies or entities, namely, SPCALA, SPCA/Humane Society of Pasadena, and/or South East Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) have therefore never allowed the State of California to inspect them. Therefore, none of these agencies or entities are part of the POST program, and there is no supervision by POST that their employee s and/or agents complete even the basic education, let alone the continuing education, required in order to become or remain legally certified as a “humane officer”. Peace officers are required to not only complete the basic POST-certified training in the academy, but they undergo 1 year of field training. Peace officers then continue their education with 24 hours every two years, in addition to receiving 14 hours “perishable” training. Peace officers therefore undergo an average of 20 hours of continuing education each year. It is so much more vital, therefore, for those who are not even peace officers, but are instead purporting to have all the powers of peace officers, but who are instead employees or agents of private agencies or entities, to provide proof that they and their employers are in compliance with continuing education and certification requirements, yet none of the persons or agencies or entities who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY complies with any of the education or certification standards demanded by POST.
“The Basic Certificate is awardedto currently full-time peace officers of a POST-participating agency who have satisfactorily completed the prerequisite Basic Course requirement and the employing agency’s probationary period.”
None of the agencies or entities, namely, SPCALA, SPCA/Humane Society of Pasadena, and/or South East Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA), are POST-participating agencies. Therefore, none of the “humane officers” or animal control officers who who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY are POST-certified.
“Humane officers” have only the peace officer powers specified to them in
Corporations Code 14502, and have no other peace officer powers; conflicts of interest
Animal control officers have the same peace officer powers as do “humane officers”. The powers of animal control officers, as stated in California law, are only to make arrests and to serve, not execute, search=2 0warrants.
California Penal Code section 830.9 states:
“Animal control officers are not peace officers but may exercise the powers of arrest of a peace officerand the power to serve warrantsif those officers successfully complete a course in the exercise of those powers pursuant to Section 832.”

The “People” claim that “humane officers” have all the powers of peace officers. This claim is patently false. Corporations Code 14502 describes, delineates, and specifies the peace officer powers granted to “humane officers” in the same manner as does the Penal Code with regard to animal control officers, and the Corporations Code gives “humane officers” only the same peace officer powers as the Penal Code gives to animal control officers, and no other peace officer powers.
Corporations Code section 14502(i) (1) (A) and (B) state:
“A level 1 humane officer is not a peace officer, but may exercise the powers of a peace officerA level 1 humane officer may make arrestsin the same manner as any peace officer and may also serve search warrants.”
Corporations Code section 14502(ii)(2)(A) and (B) state:
“A level 2 humane officer is not a peace officer, but may exercise the powers of a peace officerA level 2 humane officer may make the same manner as any peace officer and may serve search warrants...”
These are the only peace officer powers granted by Corporations Code section 14502 to “humane officers”. No other peace officer powers are granted to “humane officers” by any statute.
The “People” have claimed that the legislature has wanted to continually increase the peace officer powers of “humane officers”, and to give them “all” the powers of peace officers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, the legislature has for decades sought to drastically proscribe the powers of “humane officers”. Until 1997, “humane officers” were regulated by Civil Code section 607(f).
As early as 1943, Assemblyman ARTHUR WOLLENBERG, who authored AB 776, sought to correct “serious abuses by humane officers”, by making it “a little more difficult to organize a humane society”, and requiring “a certificate of necessity from the Chief of the Division of Criminal Identification and Investigation”, in addition to requiring fingerprinting and “renewal of appointment every three years”, in order to “cure an evil” (see Attachment 2).
=0 A
In 1971, Assemblyman EUGENE CHAPPIE authored AB 674, which provided that “all appointments [of humane officers] expire one year from the effective date of this measure”; that humane officers “check in with the animal control agency of any city or countywhen he intends to serve in that jurisdiction”; and that the bill “remove the present authority to carry weapons, and provide that a humane officer who feels he must carry a weapon will be required to secure a weapon permit in the same manner as any other citizen” (see Attachment 3). And in fact, in a letter to Assemblyman CHAPPIE in 1971, Legislative Counsel GEORGE MURPHY wrote that with regard to “humane officers”, “we point out that there might be a state constitutional question with respect to the separation of executive, judicial, and legislative powers (see Art.III, Cal. Const.)” (see Attachment 4).
In a letter in 1985 to Assemblyman WALLY HARGER regarding AB 1810, which he authored, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Sutter strongly supported his legislation “with regard to the unchecked power and authority of state humane officers” (see Attachment 5).

And in 1995, the California legislature sought to do away with “humane officers” in this State altogether. AB 1571, as introduced by its author, Assemblyman LOUIS CALDERA, crossed out (struck out) all references to “humane officers” in any and all California statutes (see Attachment 6). However, in a letter to Assemblyman CALDERA, MADELINE BERNSTEIN, then and current president of SPCALA, berated and harassed Assemblyman CALDERA, admitting that she, MADELINE BERNSTEIN, and other members of SPCALA, wrote the bill themselves (see Attachment 7). MA DELINE BERNSTEIN vented her anger on Assemblyman CALDERA and the legislature because they then did the opposite of what MADELINE BERNSTEIN demanded. Assemblyman CALDERA instead introduced a tough bill to rid this State of “humane officers”, that was his intent. Unfortunately, AB 1571was eventually watered down due to extensive and illegal lobbying of the legislature by SPCA’s and Humane Societies throughout California, as well as by ever money-seeking national organization HSUS (see Attachment 8), all of them alarmed that the bill would “wipe humane officers out of the California law”. There were entreaties by the much smaller organized lobbying capacity of those who have been victimized by “humane officers”, to support the bill as introduced by Assemblyman CALDERA, the purpose of the bill being “to do away with a vigilante corps that has been the bane of California (as well as other states) for the past decades” (see Attachment 9). And there was the urging by people like FRANK R. ANDREWS, Director of the County of Los Angeles Animal Care and Control shelters, who provided so many urgent concerns and requests to severely limit the powers of “humane officers” (see Attachment 10). But, as a result of the intensive and illegal lobbying of the legislature by SPCA’s and Humane Societies throughout California, parts of AB 1571 as originally and illegally written by MADELINE BERNSTEIN crept back into the bill as finally passed. But even so, AB 1571 since it became law, proscribes all powers of “humane officers” except to make arrests and to serve, not execute, search warrants.
In 1997, Civil Code section 607(f) was finally repealed as unconstitutional by the legislature, but was sneaked back into law the same year as an obscure rider on municipal water bill SB 633, authored by the then-termed out Senator RUBEN S. AYALA. This bill’s intent with regard to “humane officers” was completely disguised from both the legislature and electorate, and was passed deceptively. This is Civil Code section 607(f), in an augmented and more sinister form, as Corporations Code 14502 (see Attachment 11), completely unintended by the legislature, since the legislature thought they were in fact only passing a water bill, and that the omnibus provisions were merely administrative. In fact, the unconstitutionality of any and all statutes which purport to give any law enforcement power of any kind to private corporations, can be clearly demo nstrated in California Constitution Article 2, Section 12:
“No amendment to the Constitution, and no statute proposed to the electors by the Legislature or by initiative, that names any individual to hold any office, or names or identifies any private corporation to perform any function or to have any power or duty, may be submitted to the electors or have any effect.”

Nevertheless, despite its tangled language, Corporations Code section 14502 is clear that it authorizes “humane officers” to only make arrests, and to serve, not execute, search warrants. Notwithstanding this clarity when properly read and analyzed, Corporations Code section 14502 has been successfully, deceptively, and falsely exploi ted by SPCALA and the prosecution to obfuscate the legislative intent of Corporations Code 14502, and under color of law, to mislead the courts into interpreting Corporations Code section 14502 as a license to grant “humane officers” all the powers of a peace officer.
There is also a clear conflict of interest: DONALD COCEK is the only person in all of California who prosecutes cases for SPCALA, and he is an SPCALA volunteer—he has even received their volunteer award, and he teaches classes for SPCALA, and has been a member of SPCALA’s board of directors.
/ / /
/ / /
Corporations Code 14500 through 14503 are void and unenforceable per
California Constitution, Article 4, Section 9
After Civil Cod e section 607(f) was repealed, Corporations Code sections 14500 through 14503 were sneaked into law as a rider to a water bill in 1997, appended to SB 633, authored by Senator RUBEN S. AYALA, entitled “mutual water companies”. The California Constitution prohibits such devious means of passing legislation that no one even knows about. The subject of Corporations Code sections 14500 through 14503, “humane societies” and “humane officers”, is not expressed in the title of SB 633. Therefore Corporations Code sections 14500 through 14503 are void and unenforceable. Article 4, Section 9 of the California Constitution states:
 A statute shall embrace bu t one subject, which shall be expressed in its title.  If a statute embraces a subject not expressed in its title, only the part not expressed is void.  A statute may not be amended by reference to its title.  A section of a statute may not be amended unless the section is re-enacted as amended.”
None of the persons who took part in the break-in, search, and seizure upon BLAKELY met the educational, examination, or certification requirements of Corporations Code section 14502, nor any other statute, to have any authority as peace officers, to break into BLAKELY’s residence, nor to do any search and/or seizure upon BLAKELY’s property, including her dogs. Therefore, the evidence was illegally obtained, and must be suppressed. And if the court does not agree with all of the above law and legislation, then it must agree that Article 4, Section 9 of the California Constitution makes Corporations Code sections 14500 through 14503 void and unenforceable, and they are a constitutional violation. BLAKELY respectfully requests that this court order that the evidence in this case be suppressed.

Dated:  June 24, 2008
Defendant in Propria Persona
I am over 18 years of age, and a resident of Los Angeles County. I am the defendant in this matter.
On June 25, 2008, I served a copy of the foregoing document entitled THIRD MOTION TO SUPPRESS EVIDENCE (PENAL CODE SECTION 1538.5:
____ By personal service, hand delivery.
____ By depositing the sealed envelope with the United States Postal Service with the postage fully prepaid.
___  By placing the envelope for collection and mailing following our ordinary business practices. I am readily familiar with this business’ practice for collecting and processing correspondence for mailing. On the same day that correspondence is placed for collection and mailing, it is deposited in the ordinary course of business with the United States Postal Service in a sealed envelope with postage fully prepaid.
The document was served upon:
DON COCEK, City Attorney
6262 Van Nuys Boulevard, Room 160
Van Nuys, CA 91401
I declare under the penalty of perjury of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.
Dated: June 25, 2008.

The GameFowl News
 October 20, 2008


The above is photo of weapon similiar to the weapon held against my head between my eyes while they were beating me

De'javue 1995 ATF Los Angeles raids Mercy Crusade. Big mouthed press whore Madeline Berstein spreads her legs to get attention to get donations for her $200,000 a year salary stating that NO 501(c)3 should have weapons to save animals
In their own words

January 10, 2007 began as a typical sunny, tranquil, normal Wednesday. I got up early as always, and worked at my computer. Having done my early morning chores, cleaning up after my dogs, and cleaning and refilling all their water buckets, and I sat back down at my computer, and continued putting together and sending pleas for dogs facing death at the LA city pounds. Suddenly at around 10:30 am the silence was shattered by an unearthly loud banging at my front door and a very loud menacing voice yelling something which I could not make out. I froze in terror before I walked in the direction of the front door, wondering what this horror was, and fearing for the safety of my beloved rescued dogs. Within a few seconds before reaching the door, I heard the sound of my door being smashed in.

It was so unreal. All I could think of was trying to figure out what I could do to try to protect my precious dogs from whatever menace was invading my house and trying to hurt me and my poor dogs. Two of my dogs were in the entry room, they were just pups around 10 months old, and I was the most worried about them, since they would be the first to fall victim to the invaders.

I had to see who was breaking in, try to negotiate with them, plead with them, to not harm my poor dogs. So I ran outside to my yard, where I stood inside my fence, next to my locked gate, where I could see the area that leads up to the front door of my house. I saw a line of 15-20 people, all with uniforms labeled "humane officers", lined up in front of my door walking into my house. My house is the third house from the street, on a "flag lot", and a communal access road leads to my house. No one from the street can even see my house, let alone what these thugs were doing to me and to my house and to my poor dogs.

The 300 or so yard access road from the street to my house was filled with a row of nothing but vehicles- cars and trucks-which bore the SPCA-LA logo, and the street was also filled for at least 200 yards with SPCA vehicles. There were no police, no sheriff, no one else was there, only SPCA personnel, and their co-conspirators from far away dog pounds which have no right to do animal control in L.A. city.

I stood at the gate to my chain link fence and called out to the thugs, "Do you have a warrant?" No one bothered to show me a warrant or in any other manner respond to my question. Instead, an armed thug, whose name I later learned was Steven Pacheco of SPCA-LA, immediately pointed a 9 mm handgun at my forehead. He was barely 1-2 feet from me, with his gun pointed in my face. It was so surreal, so terrifying beyond imagining. I have never in my life been near any weapons, let alone had a gun pointed at me, and suddenly thugs were invading my house, stealing my precious dogs, and threatening my life. As I faced this gun being pointed at my forehead, all I could say was, "Oh my God, are you going to shoot me?" Can you imagine 15-20 armed, sadistic vigilantes against one poor, peaceful, unarmed woman who did nothing but save lives of animals? Just imagine how terrified you would be!

Pacheco ordered me to put my hands up. But I instead ran back toward my back door. I could not simply stand there with Pacheco pointing the gun in my face and wait to be murdered. I have always been able to think on my feet during emergencies, and I reasoned that if I ran, I'd be a moving target, and so I'd be harder for Pacheco to shoot. I also knew that I had to hurry back into my house since my precious dogs were in there at the mercy of the invaders who have no mercy-I'd known from experience that SPCALA is a major killer of animals, I'd been in the alleyway behind SPCALA many times and had seen the barrels full of animals murdered by SPCALA being carted out to the truck which takes them to the rendering plant. I realized that SPCALA was after my dogs, and I was terrified for their lives. I knew that if the SPCALA got hold of them, they would slaughter my poor animals that I had rescued, as they do to all the other animals they steal from rescuers.

I hoped to be able to try to reason with at least some of the thugs to not steal and murder my poor dogs. I ran to the entry room, but by then the SPCA people had broken in my door and already my two poor pups that had been in the entry room were gone, and the front door to my house was wide open. As I had run to the entry room from the back door, I believe I saw some of the thugs in some of the rooms in my house, but my main concern was the entry room, where my poor pups had been.

As soon as I got to the entry room, I stopped and saw that there were two big thugs in there. One of them, who I later learned was Derek Hensel, stood just inside my front door, and pointed directly at my face a huge high-powered military-style automatic assault rifle such as I'd never before seen, that resembled something out of Star Wars. This was a weapon that I can only imagine would be used in mortal combat in times of war. I was utterly terrified and I couldn't believe what was happening, that a peaceful, law abiding woman living alone and taking care of her rescued animals was being threatened with more and more lethal weapons in her own home, and there were no police or any other peace officers there, who claim to protect and to serve, and who should have been protecting me against the SPCALA vigilantes.
I trembled as Hensel stood about three feet from me, pointing the huge, lethal assault weapon in my face, but I simply stood in the entry room, and again asked to see a warrant. The other thug in the entry room, who I later learned was Tony Manzanares, said, "You'll see one later." Manzanares then threatened to taser me, which further terrified me. Tasers are lethal weapons, and with Hensel pointing the assault weapon in my face and Manzanares threatening to taser me, it was TERRORISM at its most hideous. It's unbelievable that this kind of SADISM and TERRORISM is allowed to be perpetrated on innocent unarmed citizens in the United States of America! SPCALA and the rest of their co-conspirators, the SPCA's and the "Humane Societies" band together and convince nave legislators and the gullible public that they are providing some kind of service, and so permissive laws are passed that corrupt city attorneys Don Cocek and Bob Ferber are able to use, with the blessing of some very corrupt judges such as Patricia Schnegg. The SPCA's and the "Humane Societies" lie to the legislators and the public as well as the courts, that they need the weapons in order to protect themselves from armed drug lords when the vigilantes raid cockfighting and dog fighting rings, as well as those who perpetrate abuse on animals, but the truth is, of course, that the SPCA's and the "Humane Societies" NEVER go after actual animal abusers, but only innocent rescuers who never would and never could fight back in any way-the VIGILANTES are TERRORISTS of the worst kind, preying upon the most peaceful and compassionate members of society, in order for the vigilantes to be able to indulge their violent and sadistic tendencies, and to extort money from their victims.

But it doesn't stop there, the level of corruption in the courts, the legislature, the LAPD, and the L.A. City Attorney's office is such that the SPCALA thugs are aided and abetted in their brazen perpetration of assault and battery, as well as sexual assault, upon innocent animal rescuers. Hensel and Manzanares are such sadists that they had to make sure that they made me feel utterly humiliated, injured, powerless, because that is how the illegal private army called SPCALA neutralizes anyone questioning their purported authority. In fact, many of the SPCA personnel were huge in stature-and they were well equipped physically in every way to do the maximum amount of damage and harm to me, a single, 5'6" woman weighing 110 lbs. They were all wearing SPCA uniforms, most of which were imprinted with the words "humane officer". How ironic that these thugs label themselves as "humane", when everything they do to animals and to humans is simply calculated to do the most harm, and nothing that SPCALA does is in the least bit humane, but instead it is all grossly inhumane.
Manzanares then knocked me down, threw me down on the floor, making me sink helplessly to my knees on the floor in the entry room of my house, so that my side was next to and up against a thick bookcase in that room. While I was on my knees, Manzanares repeatedly bashed my head and arms and ribs and hips-the entire left side of my body-into the bookcase, smashing my head, and the entire left side of my body, continually against the hard wooden bookcase. Hensel also joined in the abuse against me by Manzanares, bashing my head and body continuously against the bookcase. I felt utterly powerless against their humiliation and physical abuse of me, which was what they wanted. Tears streamed down my face from the pain and the humiliation, and I cried out to them, "you are really hurting me!" I begged them to stop, but they paid no attention as if they did not hear me. But Manzanares and Hensel did not stop there. After several minutes of the gross physical abuse, Manzanares and Hensel grabbed my underarms and breasts, sexually assaulting me, and forcibly dragged me down the stairs, and out of my house. I simply went limp, as is the custom of peaceful non- resistance when confronted by violence and weapons. Clearly the reason that the vigilantes kidnapped me from my house was to prevent me from being there while they did what they pleased, preventing me from even witnessing what they were doing to my animals, my house, my possessions.
Manzanares and Hensel then shoved me up against the retaining wall of my next door neighbor, and a man whom I later found out was David Havard, who is second in command of SPCALA, entrapped me with his hand on my breasts against my neighbor's retaining wall. This is again sexual assault as well as kidnapping. Havard refused to let me leave, he threatened me with arrest if I moved from the spot. I had no intention of leaving anyway, I wanted to be there to witness what they were doing to my house and my dogs.

I then discovered that one of my two pups that the SPCA had taken from my entry room was loose. She came to me, and I attempted to shoo her away, hoping she would run away in order to steer clear of the thugs, and then come back later, but the poor pup wanted to protect me, so she just kept coming to me. I kept trying to get her to run away while two of the SPCA vigilantes came at my pup from both sides with brutal pole snares and captured her while I was helpless to do anything. I simply stood there and tried to get my pup to run away. I certainly never touched anyone, but City Attorney Cocek, who is prosecuting this case (Cocek is and has long been a volunteer for SPCA and was on their board of directors in the past) has falsely charged me with two counts of battery, based upon the perjured allegations of Havard and Denise Jakcsy, one of the people with the poles.
The perjuries by Havard and Jakcsy are so blatantly ridiculous, claiming that I kicked each of them repeatedly. Of course, the vigilantes never consider how illogical their perjuries are, because they know they can get away with their false police reports, aided and abetted by LAPD, and by the corrupt legal system in L.A. But of course, the truth is that the rescuers whom SPCALA victimizes are nothing like what they are portrayed as by the vigilantes. Most rescuers are survivors, and are tactful and know how to deal with people. Consider for a moment the ludicrousness of the charge that I kicked the two SPCALA thugs. First of all, for what purpose would I ever have kicked them, what would anyone gain by kicking the thugs? Nothing, of course. Apparently the thugs want you to believe that innocent, compassionate rescuers go around kicking people for no reason-in fact, the only ones who perpetrate violence for no reason other than to indulge their insanity and sadism are the SPCALA thugs! And one can see that, in fact, the thugs accusing rescuers of violence is simply a manifestation of what is called projection, in psychology-that is, a perpetrator of an act turns around and accuses the victim of being the perpetrator of the act, in order that the actual perpetrator can avoid taking responsibility for their own actions, and can blame someone else.

Aside from the fact that it would have been utterly purposeless for me to have kicked anyone, consider that I was at home, and I was barefoot. I may have had time to slip on a pair of plastic thong slippers next to my desk before SPCALA broke into my house, or I may have been barefoot the whole time, but either way, it would have been beyond absurd for me to try to kick anyone-I would only have hurt my own feet. And in fact, to drive home the absolute absurdity of the thugs accusing me of kicking them, consider that I was alone, unarmed, and completely powerless against a band of 15-20 armed and dangerous thugs who were out to do as much damage as possible to me, to my house, and to my animals, as they had already amply demonstrated, perpetrating horrendous acts while I offered no resistance. It would in fact have been suicidal for me if I'd tried to kick any of the thugs, as it would have simply incited more violence from them. I was already terrified of them, and I, in fact, made very sure that I never even accidentally touched or went near any of them, despite their continually assaulting and battering me, as well as threatening me verbally and with lethal weapons repeatedly. I was terrified for my life and the lives of my dogs at the hands of these violent, armed to the teeth, vigilantes.

The SPCALA thugs bring these perjuries for the purpose of adding to the false charges brought by Cocek in the racketeering scheme and conspiracy by Cocek and SPCALA, in order to further harm the rescuer. Another reason that the thugs make up perjured allegations is to be able to continually foist upon the public, and the courts and juries, the fiction that the rescuer is mentally unstable and just plain crazy. SPCALA, as well as all the other SPCA's and "Humane Societies", have spun their deceit for so many years, falsely promoting themselves as legitimate organizations with authority, and as caring about animals when in fact SPCALA does nothing more than kill animals and falsify reports, while they portray innocent, compassionate rescuers as insane and unbalanced. In fact, SPCALA President Madeline Bernstein even has the press totally sewn up; as I found out, and as undoubtedly any other rescuer terrorized by SPCALA has found out, the press refuses to even talk with the victimized rescuers.

It is so unbelievable that these vigilantes get away with telling so many lies, on top of the SPCALA thugs' violence upon animals and the rescuers. The lies by Madeline Bernstein to the press about me were outrageous. And there were countless other perjuries by SPCALA thugs. Pacheco lied on the witness stand, alleging that I cursed at him for several minutes as he held me at gunpoint, when of course I never cursed at him at all, and that I flailed my arms in a threatening manner. I, of course, never did any of that, I was simply terrified for my life and the lives of my dogs. All that I did was to ask them for a warrant, and their response was to point guns in my face and threaten to kill me, and to assault and batter me and kidnap me out of my house.

The SPCA person who was the leader of the invasion, Pacheco
, came out of my house a few minutes later while I was still pinned against the fence with Havard's hand on my breasts and claimed to be reading me my rights-Mirandizing me-upon which I asked him if he was arresting me. He answered in the affirmative, and then he handcuffed me with my hands behind my back. He dragged me about halfway down the communal access road to one of their cars in the long row of cars filling the road which is the only street access to any of the 5 houses and 2 apartments in the flag lot. My neighbor who owns the house in front of me was outside and could see what was happening at that point. I called out to him to tell him that I was being arrested and I asked him to call someone, but I couldn't think fast of who he should call. I then simply called out to him to call a lawyer. Then I was shoved into the back seat of an SPCA car, and a copy of the purported warrant was thrown on the seat next to me, upside down and folded, so I could not read it.
I was trapped in the car for 2-3 hours, handcuffed the entire time, and the handcuffs were extremely painful. I noticed that among the SPCA people were two women, also in the SPCA uniforms. But it was not the women who had assaulted me or shoved me around or touched me at all-the women never came near me, all the assaulting of me was done by men, and especially by the biggest thugs. At one point I realized that the woman directing the whole thing was Madeline Bernstein! I recognized her, and I even asked one of the SPCA people if that was Bernstein and the person confirmed that it was. I saw that at least one, but probably more, of the SPCA people had cameras, and it appeared that at least one had a video camera, and they took the cameras into my house.

While I sat helplessly entrapped in the car, the SPCA people dragged out my poor dogs and took them out presumably to their trucks, I could not see exactly where they took them. As I watched in despair, some of my poor dogs were dragged by the brutal pole, dragged on their backs, cruelly strangled and choked as they tried to resist being stolen from their home.
Every one of my dogs is a rescue from the pound, I rescued them moments before they were to be killed. I am the only one who has kept these poor dogs from being killed. The SPCA is a high kill pound and they have always brutally killed all of the animals they have seized (illegally) from rescuers, and I have been terrified that they will kill my poor dogs as soon as their case is over, as they will have no further use for my poor babies. Many, many animalswhich have been seized by the SPCALA from rescuers over the years, have been killed immediately, the same day they were seized with SPCALA not even waiting until a case was brought let alone concluded. SPCALA apparently claims that my dogs are still alive, and I can only hope that that is true. I know that SPCALA has killed at least two of my dogs, and has falsified vet reports while SPCALA deprived my dogs of food and water.

I then saw the SPCA people bringing out my computer and putting it into the trunk of the car they had me in. They then brought out a large brown paper bag, super market size, and they continued to bring out bag after bag from my home, probably at least 10 to 20 bags in all, filled with my possessions, and I was not even able to see what they had taken. I discovered later that they had taken my digital camera
, and many documents, including all my tax returns for the past 10 years, and personal items from my home, including family photographs, as well as my passport, my citizenship paper, my birth certificate, and my life savings, my 37 Krugerrand gold coins(Value $37,000). It's impossible for me to even know or catalog all the items the SPCA stole from me that day. I was able to get the attention of a couple of the SPCA people and while still entrapped in the car, I asked them where they were taking my dogs and they refused to tell me, though I heard them talking and figured out which facility they were taking my dogs to.
The SPCA people took me out of the car when they were ready to leave. They did not arrest me as they had said, they had lied to me saying they were arresting me, which constitutes false arrest. By that time the trucks containing my dogs and many of the paper bags were already gone, and Madeline Bernstein seemed to have left as well. None of the SPCA people were willing to speak with me about anything, and they refused to answer questions or give information.

Pacheco gave me a carbon copy of the two "inventory sheets" he had made out-one which contained a list of the dogs they took, and one which contained a very generalized and incomplete list of the items they took from my house. The sheet listing the dogs contained only 14 dogs, yet I had 17 dogs, and the ones they left off the list were my 3 Pit Bulls, the only dogs I had that were Pit Bulls; it seemed to me they had purposely left off the 3 Pit Bulls, and I was very worried especially that therefore they would kill those dogs. The list they gave me of the personal items they took is vague and lists only generalities like "papers". The SPCALA thugs had simply looted my house, helping themselves to anything they felt like taking.

When the SPCA left, I spoke with my neighbor who lives in the house in front of me, and he told me that the SPCA had been nosing around the neighborhood a few days prior, asking the neighbors for information about me.

Notably, the SPCA never spoke to me nor did they ever come to my house nor telephone me nor send me anything, nor in any way contact me or give me any warning that they were planning to invade me. I was never given any notice to comply or any kind of notice that anything I was doing was in any way objectionable to SPCALA, nor was I ever given any chance to correct anything, nor any chance to dialogue or speak to anyone at the SPCA. This was a complete shock to me; clearly the intent of the SPCA was to invade me without any warning. They simply wanted to take me completely by surprise, so that they could maximally harm me and take my animals and possessions.

I walked back to my house and I saw that my car had been totally ransacked. The car doors were wide open and the items in my car were all over the ground outside. A lot of items were taken from my car.

I walked back into my house and saw that not only had the front door lock been broken-and the wooden strips holding the door were in pieces--but the long vertical door frame strip that made the door able to be shut, was broken off, so there was no way to even close the door let alone lock it. Then I saw that several other door handles and locks in the house had been broken, door jambs had been smashed out and the doors destroyed.

The house was totally ransacked, all my drawers, including all my clothing and underwear drawers, were open and clothing was everywhere. All the clothing in my closets was thrown on the floor. My old photos were ransacked-photos of me, photos of my deceased parents, photos from my wedding, all were taken out of drawers and lying all over the place, many of them stolen.

I have since discovered many other items missing, including tax receipts, other forms necessary for doing my taxes, as well as bills, and they took vet receipts and animal records so that I am not able to substantiate some of my records and expenses and receipts



The SPCA employees/volunteers had broken my basement lock, and additionally they had cut a large rectangular piece out of the side of my house leaving a gaping big hole there Subsequent to the invasion of me by SPCALA, I delivered and/or sent numerous letters of complaint to Chief Bratton's office regarding the conduct of LAPD Northeast Division officers' refusal to take a police report from me, and asking Bratton's office to compel LAPD to take a police report, without any response. However, later in 2007, an LAPD Internal Affairs investigation was begun. It was totally inadequate from the onset. The paper which stated the basis for the investigation contained one brief inaccurate sentence as the basis of the investigation. I was contacted by a detective from LAPD Northeast Division, and he asked me a few questions, to which I responded, and I asked him to contact my attorney for answers to the rest of the detective's questions. My attorney was never contacted by the detective. Shortly thereafter, I am informed, the investigation was "closed", claiming that nothing improper was done by LAPD in refusing to take a police report from me.

This is unacceptable. A police report needs to be taken from me by LAPD, it is my right to make a police report regarding the crimes committed against me by the private corporation SPCALA.

I believe the invasion of me, and the brutal violence against me and theft of my property, by SPCALA, was motivated in large part as revenge against me by SPCALA for my exercising my First Amendment right to free speech. I spoke out against Madeline Bernstein twice at Los Angeles City Council meetings. And I spoke out repeatedly against Los Angeles Animal Services, before the Los Angeles City Council and various other public agencies. Madeline Bernstein and Los Angeles Animal Services are also linked, there is racketeering between them. In fact, Madeline Bernstein was head of the committee that chose the previous General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services. I am informed by an investigator that SPCALA has an unauthorized photo of me, blown up to a large size, posted at the SPCALA headquarters, for the purpose of targeting me, and SPCALA claims that I am "dangerous". Of course, I am only "dangerous" to those who brutalize innocent rescuers and their animals, by virtue of the fact that I speak out against the atrocities by SPCALA and Los Angeles Animal Services; I am considered "dangerous" only because I am a whistle blower, and therefore SPCALA and Los Angeles Animal Services are in "danger" of being exposed for the criminals that they are, to U.S. federal agencies and to the press, and to society in general. I continue to fear for my life and property at the hands of the vigilante private army called SPCALA, which obtains illegal warrants, carries and points high powered assault weapons on unarmed rescuers, assaults and batters unarmed rescuers, steals and destroys property, kills innocent owned animals, and racketeers with corrupt Los Angeles county Judge Patricia Schnegg to obtain illegal search warrants, and racketeers with corrupt Los Angeles City Attorney Don Cocek, as well as other corrupt Los Angeles county judges who are under the thumb of Judge Patricia Schnegg, to bring phony charges against innocent animal rescuers, in order to further brutalize them, kill their animals, and extort hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of dollars in order to enrich Madeline Bernstein, Don Cocek, Judge Patricia Schnegg, and others. We live in the United States of America, a country in which private, mercenary, vigilante armies of thugs such as SPCALA cannot legally do law enforcement. The horrors perpetrated by SPCALA and those who illegally racketeer with it for their enrichment need to be investigated and stripped of the purported powers illegally granted to them by corrupt courts and prosecutors, as well as by LAPD, and there needs to be an end to SPCALA and the Nazi atrocities it perpetrates.

Of course I have been terribly worried about my poor dogs ever since the invasion. I attempted to get information on them and a corrected "inventory" sheet. I began phoning the SPCA but they refused to give me any information. Several other persons concerned about my animals also called the SPCA and they were also given no information, including an attorney who called them on my behalf and the SPCA refused to give them any information as well. It was the typical action of the SPCA, Pacheco had given me his card but of course he never answers the phone and never calls back anyone, never called me back despite my leaving several messages for him. The SPCA personnel who did answer the phone were also not helpful and were rude and lied, just like their management. There were many different versions of how many dogs they had of mine, so I was very concerned that they were killing some or all of my dogs. I did manage to speak with David Havard a couple of days later, and I asked him how many dogs of mine they had, and he couldn't tell me. I then asked him if all my 17 dogs were alive, and he answered in the affirmative, but it was just yes-ing me as I asked questions. I again asked for and demanded a corrected inventory of dogs and Havard gave me no commitment, as expected, and I was never able to reach him again, nor did I ever receive any corrected inventory sheets, nor any further communication from SPCALA or any of their personnel.

All TV stations in the city had on Madeline Bernstein talking about the raid, as well as many radio stations, on the evening of January 10, 2007. The next day, I phoned every TV station and informed them that they had broadcast untruths and told them I wanted to present my side, but they said they were not interested. I did manage to find out that the press releases sent out by the SPCA went out at approximately 1:00 pm to the TV stations on January 10, 2007, they lost no time in getting it on TV; presumably they had the press releases ready long ahead of time before they invaded me.

I began having intense chest pains the day after the invasion. The pains kept increasing in intensity until it hurt so much that I was nearly passing out each time I breathed. Two days following the invasion, on January 12, 2007, I went to the emergency room of the county general hospital. After 5 hours of examinations, the diagnosis was muscular injury to my chest, and of course stress from the trauma. The full medical records are more complete. Shortly after the invasion, I began to develop neuropathy, i.e., nerve damage, due to the stress and trauma of what the SPCA did to me, my animals, my home, and fears of what else they may do, and especially after Cocek and Ferber brought their false charges against me in order to harm me by extortion and by killing my dogs. As a result, I am disabled; I had been very healthy and strong prior to the SPCALA's invasion.

The day of the raid, and the next day, I went 3 times to the Northeast Division of the LAPD to try to file a police report on the invasion, but I was refused each time, including by Sgt. Solis, , LAPD, the watch commander. I had first spoken to her by phone, and she said she would take a police report, but when I arrived at the station, she claimed that the SPCA had a right to do whatever they did because they had a warrant, and whatever they did to me was fine with the LAPD. They didn't care about the physical abuse by the SPCA or civil rights violations. Sgt. Solis , LAPD, claimed the SPCA was authorized to do whatever they wanted to do by the Corporations Code, and she gave me a copy of the supposedly relevant sections. She further stated that the SPCA was justified in doing whatever they wanted to do to me because the SPCA alleged to her that I "charged at" the SPCA, which of course is a total lie, I have never touched anyone. I told that to Solis, but it made no difference to her.

A few weeks or perhaps a month later, I was at South LA pound, and a kennel employee pointed out to me a paper that was posted outside the kennel supervisor's office. It was dated January 10, 2007. I took photos of the paper and I was able to put it into my computer and get a hard copy of my photo of the paper. The paper was from Pacheco of the SPCA, and it had a list of the pounds to which it was sent; it instructed everyone receiving it to circulate it and post it everywhere. The paper stated that I am to be considered "extremely dangerous" and that if I show up at the SPCA asking about my dogs, I am to not be admitted, and that the employees are to call "the authorities". There was also posted a photocopy of a photo of me, which I also photographed for my records. The very next time I was at the South LA pound, I noticed that those papers were gone from the spot where I had seen them, no doubt because I had photographed them. I did not see them posted subsequently.
A few months later, shortly before my arraignment, at around 10:00 am on a weekday, there was a knock at my door, and a persistent voice repeatedly calling out my last name, interspersed with the voice calling out my first name. Despite my having several "no trespassing" signs on my property, the person was clearly walking all over my property, calling out my name over and over for probably at least 15 minutes. I found out that it was "the blond newscaster" (a male) from Channel 2, accompanied by a cameraman. They had apparently been visiting my neighbors before they got to my house to get info on me. I called Channel 2 as did a friend, and we got 2 different supervisors/editors on the line, both of whom confirmed that no one from Channel 2 was scheduled to come to my house. I believe this was a trap, that SPCA had set it up and that they were trying to barge into my house to try to get info to harm me.

The next day, Channel 9 and then Channel 2 (which are the same company), began to repeatedly air a "news" segment in which the "host" condemns me, featuring, of course, Madeline Bernstein, saying that all but one of my dogs "have survived", which means they have probably killed one of them. The piece falsely claimed that the SPCA has an injunction against me to keep me away from my dogs forever, and they showed a copy of the purported injunction; I know of no such injunction ever having been granted or filed. The newscaster continually said that she can't believe that I am actually asking for my dogs back. The SPCA is a high kill pound, they impound animals, including by theft, and then kill them. I have been extremely worried that that is what they will do to my dogs. I rescued them once from nearly being killed, now the SPCA wants to finish them off. Bernstein says on there that I face 19 years in prison and $400,000 in fines if convicted, although the corrupt court is trying to force me to pay an ADDITIONAL $500,000 or more in "restitution" to the vigilantes-imagine, the corrupt courts and criminal L.A. Deputy City Attorney Cocek trying to extort on behalf of his co-conspirators $1 million from a poor rescuer who has no money, and did nothing wrong, and then on top of it murdering the poor rescuer's dogs, and then Cocek and the corrupt court trying to induce me to relinquish my dogs, misrepresenting that SPCALA wants to adopt them, when in fact SPCALA only intends to kill them all. That is the way SPCALA, Cocek, and the corrupt courts work, trying to trick rescuers into relinquishing their animals so that the vigilantes can kill them, intimidating the poor rescuers, and trying to falsely convict them: that is the racket that SPCALA, Cocek, and the corrupt courts perpetrate. It's high time to put an end to this TERRORISM by sadistic vigilantes.

The bogus search warrant issued by corrupt Judge Patricia Schnegg, who breaks laws in order to protect and defend and give unlawful privileges to SPCALA, had no name printed on it of any judge, just a signature of someone, and the search warrant listed not items but only categories of just about anything that could be in a house, which SPCALA used in order to steal anything they wanted from my home, and from my car.

SPCALA also slandered me all over the "news" media, on at least two separate occasions.SPCALA and its agents and employees cut a hole in the side of my house, ransacked my car and threw out all its contents all over the driveway. They broke several doors and locks. They emptied out all six full buckets of water that I had for my dogs, so that they could photograph empty buckets, in order to falsely accuse me of not giving my dogs water. They purposely ignored all the 17+ buckets full of dog food which I kept filled at all times for my dogs, as well as the full bags of dog food which constituted my abundant supply at all times of the highest quality premium dog food, so that the thugs could claim I was starving my dogs. My civil and constitutional rights were egregiously violated, including First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, and Fourteenth Amendment. Additionally, I was the victim of several crimes at the hands of SPCALA and its agents and employees.

On the day of the incident, I went with a friend to LAPD Northeast Division, at around 10:00-11:00 p.m. in order to file a police report. The two policemen at the desk refused to take a police report, claiming that no matter what atrocities had been done to me, I could not file a police report because the invaders had a warrant. I went back the next day to LAPD Northeast Division, and the policeman at the desk refused to take a police report. In the ensuing few days, I contacted the watch commander at LAPD Northeast Division, Sgt. Solis, by telephone. She indicated that she would take a police report from me. But when I went into the LAPD Northeast Division for the third time, the following day to meet with Sgt. Solis, I was informed she was "in a meeting". I waited until she was ready to meet with me. Sgt. Solis then told me that she was not going to take a police report after all. She said that she didn't care about the physical abuse or civil rights violations perpetrated on me by SPCALA. Sgt. Solis claimed SPCALA was authorized to do whatever they wanted to do to me and my home and any of my property by the Corporations Code, and she gave me a copy of the supposedly relevant sections. She further stated that SPCALA was justified in doing whatever they wanted to do to me because SPCALA alleged to her that I "charged at them", which of course is a total lie, I never touched anyone nor even resisted. I told that to Solis, but it made no difference to her, she adamantly continued to refuse to take a police report from me. Yet LAPD Northeast Division took a FALSE police report from SPCALA, full of nothing but lies, and that is a violation of Penal Code section 148.5, subsections (a), (b), and (c), by both SPCALA and its employee Steven Pacheco. Further, it is also conspiracy by LAPD Northeast Division and Sgt. Solis, with SPCALA, to take a false police report from SPCALA and its employee Steven Pacheco, and to prevent me from filing a true and accurate police report of the crimes committed against me by SPCALA and its agents.

All TV stations in the city had on Madeline Bernstein giving nothing but false and slanderous statements about the raid, as did many radio stations, on the evening of January 10, 2007, the most egregious being on Channel 2, with Stacey Butler, with whom Bernstein seems to have a cozy relationship. Butler and Bernstein claimed that the DA would be filing felony charges against me, but of course the DA never prosecutes on behalf of SPCALA, the only person who does is Don Cocek of the L.A. city attorney office, who has been on SPCALA's board of directors, and is currently and has been an SPCALA volunteer and has received SPCALA's "volunteer of the year" award, and works on behalf of SPCALA to extort money from rescuers, instead of working on behalf of the city of L.A. as he is supposed to. The next day, I phoned every TV station and informed them that they had broadcast untruths and asked to present my side, but they all refused to even interview me. I did manage to find out that the press releases sent out by the SPCA went out at approximately 1:00 pm to the TV stations on January 10, 2007, they lost no time in getting it on TV; presumably they had the press releases ready long ahead of time before they invaded me.

A few weeks or perhaps a month later, I was at South LA pound, and a kennel employee pointed out to me a paper that was posted outside the kennel supervisor's office. It was dated January 10, 2007. I took photos of the paper, which stated it was written by Pacheco, and it had a list of the pounds to which it was sent; it instructed everyone receiving it to circulate it and post it everywhere. The paper stated that I am to be considered "extremely dangerous" and that if I show up at SPCALA asking about my dogs, I am to not be admitted, and that the employees are to call "the authorities". There was also posted a photocopy of a photo of me, which I also photographed for my records. The very next time I was at the South LA pound, I noticed that those papers were gone from the spot where I had seen them, and I did not see them posted subsequently.
The next day, Channel 9 and then Channel 2 (which are the same company), began to repeatedly air a "news" segment in which the Stacey Butler condemns me, featuring of course Bernstein. In this piece, Bernstein again slanders me and falsely claims that SPCALA has an injunction against me to keep me away from my dogs forever, and they showed a copy of the purported injunction, yet no such injunction has ever been granted or even filed, according to L.A. County Superior Court records.
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SPCA LA shows up in make-believe POLICE car
Oh, we mean "Law Enforcement" Squad Car

By: Robert Morris
SPCA'S and Humane Societies Violate The Animal Enterprise Act

These 501(c)e private non profit multi-million dollar corporations are now a larger threat than Animal Liberation Front to Domestic Terrorist Activities than the underfinanced cells of ALF and ELF.

The SPCA's and Animal Controls are above ground rubbing the noses of law enforcement, including the FBI in their terrorist activities across the nation.

They have spoon-fed local law enforcement into believing that they have the rights of Peace Officers. The confused and ignorant local cops believe them because of FAILURE TO TRAIN by local elected Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police.

What's even more confusing to the local PD's and Sheriffs is corrupt City Attorneys like Don Cocek, Bob Ferber and Rocky Delgadillo and local District Attorney, Steve Cooley, who allow the SPCA/la to violate every known law that applies not only to animals, but racketeering, impersonation of police officers, illegal issuance of warrants by corrupt judges out of the Van Nuys Court House and even Downtown.

Cooley has a special unit that looks into corrupt judges which is just as corrupt as the State Agency that white washes all complaints against judges. Both are a farce and a hoax.

Those that file complaints against the Titles of Nobility and the Elite are now terrorized, charged with false crimes and physically attacked.

History repeats itself and in Los Angeles it's very close to the Storm Troopers or Brown Shirts in NAZI Germany knocking on your door to rape, pillage and steal anything they want, then drag you off to Auschweitz, a death camp.

Many of the senior victims never recover from the illegal SPCA and Animal Control Raids. They end up unable to afford an attorney, the judges in Los Angeles County gives their homes in essence to the SPCA/la or judgments so large that the SPCA/la and Animal Control will get them upon their death.

Their life expectancy is shortened tremendously and many have died premature deaths because of the Post Tramatic Stress Disorder that sets in.

It is a proven medical fact that PTSD is a chronic disorder that the Vietnam Vets have suffered from. What is the percentage that are so dysfunctional they live on the streets, are drug addicts and alcoholics? We are becoming a dysfunctional nation because of the illegal raids and seizures by Animal Control, SPCAs, HUMANE SOCIETIES, and CODE ENFORCEMENT.

The families never recover from the trama.
Long term, we will see more serial killers and crime because of the trama that the children and grandchildren have witnessed and/or been a part of.

More families today are raising their grandchildren or the young parent moves home with their children.
Money and Power drive these greedy, unethical, low life politicians who are in knowledge and do nothing to stop the criminals that are participating in these raids.

The local SPCA's have observed that the larger Domestic Terrorist Organizations such as PeTA, HSUS, FARM SANCTUARY are raking in millions of dollars with high dollar executive salaries. They decided to get in on the scam. They meet at scheduled boot camps around the U.S. three to four times a year to be "trained in the art of quasi legalized animal enterprise domestic terrorism" taught by criminals in California such as Madeline Bernstein
Don Cocek. Los Angeles City Attorney
Cocek's boss
City Attorney Bob Ferber who brings into the corrupt fold L A County Judges such as:
judge Patricia Schnegg
judge Lauren Birnstein
(NOTE: judge Lauen Birnstein was just demoted to the "Hell Hole Court" of the Los Angeles County - DOWNEY. Could this be because of her relationship with Donald Cocek, Bob Ferber and the Racketeering Scheme and Artifice they were running from her court room?

GFN did enlighten the Presiding Judge's Office, who by the way, will no longer sign the Oaths of Office for any Humane Officer. The Presiding Judges DUMPED this hot potato on Judge Wesley, a supervising judge at the main Court House. There is a letter of ADMISSION regarding the LACK OF OVERSIGHT from the Presiding Judges' attorney to GFN which will be shared with it's readers in another edition.
Congratulations Lauren on your -- eh, pro or demotion. At least you're close to another major criminal in Downey - Marcia Mayeda, Director of Animal Control - at least for the moment.)
judge Jessica Perrin Silvers
judge Shari K Silver
judge Leslie Dunn
judge Paul Flynn
judge Lawrence Mira
judge James Albretch
judge Karen Nudell
judge Bernard Kamins
judge Finkle
The boot camps teach the recruits of questionable backgrounds how to raid and steal valuables from senior citizens' homes. They learn how to empty water and food bowls and photograph those empty bowls and taught how to lie upon the court that this fabricated evidence is a fact. Most of all, they are taught how to tazer and beat their victims to the floor.
The recruits are taught to go in as a SWAT team with automatic military weapons in order to subdue their senior victims. They kick down doors, break windows, use saws in walls and floors in order to destroy the home or business. The payoff, C/A Don Cocek teaches them that he will see to it that the SPCA's get to seize the homes and personal property of the victim and have to "pay" restitution in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to the private corporation which Cocek sees to it the court orders.

The Mob never had it so good. This is Organized Crime. It's a RACKETEERING SCHEME AND ARTIFICE. Where the hell are the Feds?
Oh I forgot, the San Francisco FBI has taken up residence in the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office. Could this be another RAMPART?
Watch out Donnie boy. See the SF Feds? Run Don Run!!! These aren't your local Los Angeles FBI Bed Buddies. The San Francisco Feds, we hope, are blood thirsty!!
GFN has suggested to the Feds that they move right into the Criminal Courts Building in Van Nuys where all of Cocek's crooked Judge friends are that participate in the this Domestic Terrorist Racketeering Scheme and Artifice. We've given the Feds "Certified" copies of illegal warrants that you helped get issued to that PRIVATE NON PROFIT CORPORATION OF PRIVATE PERSONS called the SPCA/la which CANNOT HAVE WARRANTS. NO private party can be issued a warrant or do a seizure. This is not NAZI GERMANY. The Constitution of the United States and the California Constitution state that Warrants SHALL ISSUE to ONLY a DISTRICT ATTORNEY or PEACE OFFICER.
What law school did you graduate from Cocek? Or did you?
Madeline, you could be the next victim of a raid by the Feds. Hope you appreciate having YOUR doors kicked in at:
Madeline Bernstein - Alpern
15645 Royal Oak Rd
Encino CA 91436.
Tel: (818) 783-8563
SS# 057-48-XXXX
issued in New York
We'll remind the Feds to bring saws to cut up your lovely South of the Boulevard home that you paid for with the money you have stolen from senior citizens, pet owners and pet businesses.

Husband or whatever:
Jeff Alpern
SS# 108-40-XXXX
DOB: 3/53 same address
Tel: (818) 528-1111
Fax: (818) 528-1110
Owns and runs his business from his home called:
According to the Internet, Jeff Alpern has three employees that work there out of his home. Is this legal in a residential area?
Is Dustin T Alpern who lives at the same address your son Madeline?

Jeff's corporate SIC code states that he is a "LENDER" and is incorporated as such. That is not what his business is doing in Encino or Toronto Canada.

Would Elsa Membreno who lives in your home be your housekeeper? Wonder if she's legal? We've asked that she be checked out too

Here's a map to Jeff Alpern's Business, The Alpern Group.
Click here for: 15645 Royal Oak Rd ____________________________________
By: Patrick Henry

In 1995, Josh Meyer wrote in the Los Angeles Times: "in 1915, California cities and counties had few, if any, folks on the payroll who were trained or available for investigating complaints of animal abuse, poisoning and theft. So it might have made sense, then, to have a state law allowing local humane societies a free rein in providing deputies to fill this void.

"We are certain, however, that no one had this present- day situation in mind: a proliferation of non- governmental peace officers, sometimes armed with assault weapons, who wear uniforms and badges similar to the California Highway Patrol, who have little or no training, and no governmental or agency supervision. In effect, some of these units have become havens for any oddball wishing to carry a badge and a gun."
Josh Meyer wrote the above in 1995, and it caused a huge stir, and the ATF investigating and shutting down Mercy Crusade, a "humane society" which stockpiled assault weapons and terrorized peaceful rescuers and citizens. Unfortunately, Josh Meyer was snowed by Madeline Bernstein, a slick PR whore, extortionist, and sadist extraordinaire. It is hardly surprising that Josh Meyer was taken in by Bernstein's claims of legitimacy regarding SPCALA, as well as other SPCA's and "humane societies.
Indeed, Bernstein has insinuated herself and her agenda into virtually every corner of this society, from her behind the scenes controlling of the press, and the dog pounds, as well as the Los Angeles City Attorney's office, and the court system. Bernstein seems to have begun her career as terrorist of rescuers and citizens in New York City in the 1980's, when she took over the SPCA parent organization, the ASPCA, which had until that point averaged 1 arrest for "animal cruelty" per annum. Bernstein immediately got busy and in her first year as head of ASPCA, made 78 arrests for purported "animal cruelty", which of course is nothing more than a label and myth she makes up in order to steal from and injure decent rescuers and responsible citizens.
Unfortunately, the public has long accepted the SPCA and "humane society" PR that they are "no kill" and that they are on the side of the animals. But the real activity and agenda of these vigilante organizations remains well hidden. And Josh Meyer was given the PR by Bernstein which purported to set SPCALA squarely on the other side of the fence from Mercy Crusade, and Bernstein herself led the fight against Mercy Crusade in order to distance her organization from Mercy Crusade, which was targeted to go down in flames. Mercy Crusade was simply in the way, it was competition, and so Bernstein sought to destroy it, as Bernstein has destroyed other organizations throughout the years which have not been associated with the coalition of "official" SPCA's and "humane societies" in California.
SPCALA sought to portray Mercy Crusade as a "rogue" organization.
However, in actual fact, whatever was objectionable about Mercy Crusade, SPCALA does and is EXACTLY the same-SPCALA brutalizes rescuers and innocent citizens, it beats them up and holds them at gunpoint, it steals and kills their animals, it loots homes and steals whatever it wants, and it stockpiles lethal automatic assault weapons, and there is absolutely NO government control or other oversight of it. SPCALA employs nothing but lowlife thugs and hoodlums, and a Dr. Death veterinarian who would never succeed in private practice.
SPCALA and the other SPCA's and "humane societies" in California fooled the legislature into giving them a law which is vague enough that Los Angeles City Attorney Don Cocek, who is a volunteer for SPCALA and who has been on its board of directors, is able to exploit the corrupt courts into allowing SPCALA to do anything at all that they please to animals, to rescuers, to innocent citizens, all without any training requirements or oversight whatsoever for the SPCALA thugs.

The result is Nazism at its worst, perpetrated upon the most decent and compassionate members of society, and their innocent animals.
In 1995, Josh Meyer wrote: "The Los Angeles City Animal Regulation Commission has suspended its relationship with Mercy Crusade of Van Nuys, which is the subject of state and federal investigations brought on by reports the animal welfare group bought as much as $100,000 worth of assault-style guns."
The ATF investigated and raided Mercy Crusade. However, where is the ATF to raid the SPCALA arsenal of weapons, which is located at: 5026 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016; and the Pasadena Humane Society arsenal of weapons, which is located at: 361 S Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105?
In one raid alone in 2007 upon a single, unarmed woman, 15 SPCA and "humane society" goons threatened the poor woman with a taser, a 9mm handgun, and a huge automatic assault weapon, as well as beat up the poor woman. Further, Steven Pacheco, the leader of the brutal invasion has testified in court that the other members of the invading party also carried lethal weapons.

There no doubt were additional lethal weapons in their vehicles, and there is no telling how big a weapons cache they have at their headquarters, as well as the headquarters of the Pasadena Humane Society, which also brutalizes the innocent. But it is certainly likely that these Nazi organizations possess at least $100,000 worth of assault-style guns, no different from the Mercy Crusade.
Josh Meyer wrote, "The current system 'is outrageous,' said Assemblyman Curtis Tucker Jr. (D- Inglewood), who has introduced legislation calling for a study of the role of humane officers, as has Assemblyman Richard Katz (D-Sylmar). "'To have a self-run, quasi-governmental, vigilante- type group armed to the teeth running around on behalf of animals' is not 'in the best interests of the state of California,' Tucker said Thursday. "Like many others, including officials of the state Department of Justice who monitor peace officer qualifications, Tucker said he had never heard of humane officers before reading about them in The Times. There is no government agency that oversees them nor any central registry to check their identities or number, although there appear to be hundreds of them."
This was the situation in 1995 with regard to the Mercy Crusade. But guess what? In 2008, the situation is the same, with SPCALA just as bad as, if not worse than, Mercy Crusade. Nothing has changed, except that SPCALA has eliminated the competition, it has dug itself even deeper into manipulating the legislature- an action which the SPCALA articles of incorporation strictly prohibit-and it has exceeded the extremism of groups such as Mercy Crusade.
Josh Meyer wrote, in 1995: "the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms opened an investigation into Mercy Crusade last summer, after San Fernando Valley gun dealers reported purchases of as much as $100,000 worth of assault-style weapons using checks drawn on Mercy Crusade accounts, in some cases just before the guns were to be restricted under pending federal gun control legislation." Where is the ATF, to investigate the SPCA's and "humane societies", specifically SPCALA and Pasadena Humane Society, and their weapons caches? These SPCA's and "humane societies" are all just as corrupt as Mercy Crusade and need to be shut down once and for all. Enough of the vigilantism by these private corporations for their profit and for indulging their sadism!
In 1995, Josh Meyer wrote the following: "'You have an unregulated organization with questionable people arming themselves to the gills and imperiling the public,' said one federal source, who called the purchases 'outrageous.' "'The system has got to be changed,' he said, referring to the unsupervised status of humane officers. 'There is obviously something wrong that this organization can legally carry firearms with little or no training. No legitimate police agency carries any of those weapons,' except for specially trained SWAT teams, he said.
"He echoed concerns by others in law enforcement that many humane officers, especially in the Los Angeles area, operate outside the institutional framework of supervision and professionalism that is standard for other peace officers.
"Indeed, part of the ATF's problem when the investigation began was that, like many others inside and outside law enforcement, the federal agents had never heard of state humane officers and found it difficult to understand that a private, nonprofit organization such as Mercy Crusade is entitled to field a unit of sworn law enforcement officers." The insanity of allowing private corporations to act as law enforcement has not gone unnoticed by government agencies: "'No government agency supervises them, or even keeps track of who they are or how many are out there-not even the California Department of Justice, which oversees the professional qualifications of other peace officers throughout the state. "'It's scary,' said Norman Boehm, executive director of the state Justice Department's Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, in a recent interview. Like other state officials, he said he was unaware of the police powers and lack of oversight on such officers until asked about them.
"'I don't know what they're doing. Who in the world is out there carrying guns? I have no idea where they get their authority. You need a job with a government organization in order to act as a peace officer.'" "'I don't see any oversight,' said Michael Van Winkle, spokesman for the Justice Department's law enforcement division. 'No one here is aware of any.'" "Humane officers have been around for more than 80 years, throwbacks to a time when cities and counties had nobody trained or available to investigate complaints of animal abuse, poisoning and theft. Local humane societies were authorized to provide deputies to fill the gap.
"Although many California counties and most large cities now have paid, professional animal control officers, the humane officers linger as 'one of those loose things from way back in history,' said Darrell Stewart, a former state highway patrolman and current spokesman for the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, which sets standards for all law enforcement officers in the state. "Humane officers are not required to go through the rigorous background checks and psychiatric evaluations that conventional police forces employ to weed out potential problem officer. You need those people to be absolutely stable, of sound mind. It's frightening if through loose regulations, inappropriate people are carrying firearms. It's bad enough in rural areas, let alone urban ones."
Indeed, court documents and interviews show that humane officers have been accused of overstepping their authority, ruining crime scenes and evidence and generally confusing and confounding other law enforcement efforts.
Note the comments by Madeline Bernstein-she purports to be saying these about Mercy Crusade, but Bernstein's comments are even more true of Bernstein's own SPCALA: "'You have a lot of these loose cannon people - all of these Lone Rangers running all around the state,' said the Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' new executive director, Madeline Bernstein. 'We need to wipe out these gun-toting people who are out there claiming to be officers. . . . Who the hell knows whether they've gotten all the credentials or not? "'Everyone and their mother wants to be a humane officer,' she added, 'so they can go out and carry a gun and shoot people who are mean to animals.'"
What has become increasingly obvious is that it is SPCALA employees who are "gun-toting people who are out there claiming to be officers", and who most certainly do NOT have "all the credentials". Barbara Fabricant herself, of Mercy Crusade, said: "Take away the right to carry a gun, and you will eliminate 90% of the phonies. And then only people who want to help animals will be humane officers."
Amen. Better yet, get rid of "humane officers", the dinosaurs, or throwbacks, which have no place in a civilized society. Only that will solve the problem once and for all.

On the way to the publish button we received news that STEVEN PACHECO NO LONGER WORKS FOR THE SPCA and is now a PRISON GUARD hiding out from SUBPEONA SERVICE on a current trial. GFN will locate his new EMPLOYER and advise them of his refusal of service for the trial that has exposed him already as NOT QUALIFYING TO CARRY A WEAPON, OR DO SEIZURES. Because he did not meet STATE MANDATORY QUALIFCATIONS what he did for 8 years amounts to:

We'll follow up on PACHECO in future issues and expose more of his crimes.
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Donald E Cocek, Deputy City Attorney in Van Nuys is in charge of prosecuting animal cruelty cases.  Cocek is out drumming up business for the city and fundraising for the SPCA/la at the same time. 


Cocek’s conflict of interest has been totally ignored by the Los Angeles City Council and L A County’s District Attorney’s Office for years.  The SPCA/la’s own Magazine thanks Cocek as one of their major supporters.  We’ve documented that Cocek’s illegal activities have been going on since 1997 with the SPCA/la.  A prosecutor ethically cannot go out and troll the community with the SPCA to find citizens with multiple animals for the SPCA to bust and then Cocek  prosecutes them. 


There is a separation of powers issue here.  Why the courts are tolerating and worst of all,  participating in these prosecutions needs to be investigated by the FBI.


Cocek is involved with the judge’s encouraging them to issue illegal warrants to a private corporation for seizure of property.  Since when can a private corporation get a Search and Seizure Warrant to seize the property from another private corporation or private citizens?


Soon K-Mart will want to befriend Cocek so they can have a warrant issued to them to seize all the product off the shelves of Wal-Mart so that they can be given an unfair business advantage for their business profits.


Cocek sings the praises of Madeline Bernstein and her organization.  Taking a closer look at exactly what is going on may shock you. 


What the public isn’t told is that after the Network TV Splash and Bernstein begging in tears for donations to help these “poor abused animals” is that she KILLS them.  The SPCA/la is the highest KILL SHELTER in Los Angeles. 


Sitting in on a case in Van Nuys this week I was shocked listening to Cocek and the Judge.  Seems the SPCA/la targeted and raided a disabled senior citizen.  This person was caring for 17 dogs for a rescue (a non profit 501(c)3) Cocek and Judge Birnstein were attempting to use Extortion to force this defendant into a ‘plea bargain’.  The defendant questioned why they had to pay the SPCA/la $306,000.00 and wanted an itemization. Cocek screamed that if the defendant take the deal as offered RIGHT NOW that he would file more charges and put the defendant in jail for more than 19 years for misdemeanor charges.


How many times does Cocek replay this scenario in court each week with the SPCA/la?  Judge Birnstein stated that she was ordering the trial immediately if the defendant didn’t take the deal right now today so she could save the Court and Los Angeles County money by not having a trial.


What is wrong with this picture?  First of all, the animals were NOT abused, neglected or treated cruelly.  This is a con game that Cocek and Madeline Bernstein participate in over and over in order to steal property from targeted Senior Citizens who may own homes so that the SPCA can lien the properties and obtain them upon the death of the defendant.  The crooked judge orders and tells the defendant senior citizen they will only have to pay what they can afford $50 to $100 a month during their probation.  The judge ORDERS RESTITUTION TO BE PAID TO THE VICTIM.  Upon the death of the senior citizen or the end of their probation the SPCA/la liens the senior citizen’s property and takes it from the defendant’s family.  This assures a future income to the SPCA/la.


If the defendant doesn’t die and probation ends the senior citizen must continue paying the SPCA/la out of their Social Security Check.  After all, why should a senior citizen buy groceries when it’s so important that Madeline Bernstein earn over $200,000.00 a year salary from the SPCA/la.


The SPCA/la is NOT THE VICTIM.  The victims are the targeted senior citizens.  This is Racketeering Scheme and Artifice which has been ignored by the FBI, Steve Cooley Los Angeles District Attorney and the Grand Jury. 


What does Cocek get out of these phony prosecutions?  Cocek receives publicity and credit for being the Savior of Animals in the City of Los Angeles.  He also earns money for the City Attorney’s Office through the State of California Mandate Fund.  The Judge earns money for the Los Angeles Court System through the State of California Mandate Fund.  Los Angeles County has a higher conviction rate and receives money from the Federal Government because of the high crime and conviction rate. Los Angeles County benefits by receiving FREE Federal Grants.  Now wonder Cooley won’t investigate these two little money makers.


The State of California Mandate Fund will not pay unless certain criteria are met in the animal cases.  (1) the defendant must be convicted or plead guilty  (2) the judge must order mandatory counseling  (3)  the defendant must get 3 years probation. 


The State of California Mandate Fund is an invitation for corruption in government.  It is the carrot in front of the horse in order to violate the Constitutional Rights of every citizen of the State of California.


Donald Cocek and SPCA Madeline Bernstein have now cooked up another scam in order to circumvent number two of the State Mandate Fund requirements.  Many senior citizens that are victimized by Cocek and Madeline Bernstein cannot afford to pay $200.00 an hour for psychiatric counseling services therefore the Court must pay for it.  That takes money out of the coffers of the courts.  All of Cocek/SPCA Bernstein cases are funneled through a local “for profit” business.  Upon calling this ‘for profit’ business and inquiring about the services the following was revealed.


After obtaining a copy of the form used by Cocek I called AAA Family Harmony and they answered “Driver Safety”.  I repeated the number (818) 787-7878 and asked if I had dialed correctly.  I was assured I had the correct number.  I asked the receptionist about AAA Family Harmony and what their services were.  I was assured that these were “Certified Counselors”.  I asked if they were Licensed Psycho Therapists”. She responded rudely that I didn’t need to know that.  I asked if they were Psychologists or Psychiatrists and she slammed the phone down.  I called back and got a different receptionist.  I was told that “No they are not licensed Psychologists or Psychiatrists”.  This receptionist said that they were Certified Substance Abuse Counselors.  She went on to say that for Animal Hoarding & Abuse that group counseling was $23. per hour and individual counseling was $30. Per hour.  She said that they ONLY TAKE COURT REFERRALS.   Hummmmm?


Criminalizing every citizen possible is Big Business for our courts, City Attorneys and DA’s. 


I’m sure that the Legislative Intent of 597.1. #2 requirements for psychiatric counseling were to use a Licensed Medical Professional.  Hoarding and Abuse of Animals is considered a Mental Illness.  Our legislators will be horrified to find out that former and current drug addicts are counseling these defendants referred to them by Cocek, Madeline Bernstein and the Judges.  Of course, this saves money in the long run for the Court that would be paying for the counseling.  Money is the bottom line here isn’t it?


Another horrifying thought is the innocent senior citizen thinking they are giving all of their most private inner thoughts and private information to a Licensed Medical Professional that’s bonded.   The drug addicts are now privy to all of the senior’s personal information, where they live, their name, social security number, their address, working hours and when they are not home.  Senior Citizens are the easiest target when a drug addict is in need of a ‘fix’.


Where is common sense and OVERSIGHT over this program? Are Cocek and Bernstein willing to sacrifice our senior citizens to pad their pockets with an extra buck?


This is a scam and not hard to figure out.  The entire Raid/Seizure scam that the SPCA does was admittedly written by Madeline Bernstein and her criminal cohorts.  Documentation is in the Legislative History of 607f in a letter Bernstein wrote threatening the Senator that had 607f repealed because it was so harmful to the Citizens of the State of California and violated their Constitutional Rights.


When 607f was repealed in February 1997  Bernstein immediately had it “tagged onto a Water Bill by July 1997 that termed out Ayala” sponsored. It was then set into the Corporate Code 14500 through 14503 and illegally put into law contrary to our State Constitution Article 4, Section 9 which states that any Bill tagged onto another Bill must be the same subject matter or it is VOID.  Bernstein is in fact committing ARMED ROBBERY, ASSAULT AND BATTERY on private citizens, businesses and competitive 501(c)3 non profit rescues to get rid of the competition in her donation base in Los Angeles.


Corporate Code 14500 through 14503 is VOID according to our State Constitution.  Bernstein and the SPCA/HUMANE SOCIETIES doing raids in our state have no authority or jurisdiction and are Vigilante Criminals.


Madeline Bernstein is a licensed attorney in New York and California and KNOWS OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that she is committing Armed Robbery, Assault with Intent with a Lethal Weapon.  Cocek is also a licensed attorney who is in Conspiracy to Defraud the People of the City of Los Angeles by suborning perjury and crimes against the People of the State of California.


It’s time for this to end.  It’s time to demand that Steve Cooley do his job and have these two criminals indicted by the Criminal Grand Jury.  It’s time that Cooley stop supporting Animal Enterprise Terrorism by the SPCA’s and HSUS.


by Robert Morris

CFO Global news

San Diego


Would YOU be intimidated if THIS CAR PULLED UP?
Would you turn YOUR dog over to an armed man with a gun on YOU?

Since when? Isn't LAAS the OFFICIAL Animal Agency?


Chester the Cocker Spaniel is missing. 


On Saturday January 28th,  53 year old Rusty Taylor was sitting on a bench, sharing a sandwich with her dog near the corner of Wilshire Boulevard & Van Ness Avenue in the downtown Los Angeles area.  A car with the SPCA emblem pulled up, officers in uniform exited and drew their guns on her.  She was ordered to surrender her 13 year old Cocker Spaniel to them because "he had a skin condition." 


These SPCA officials forced Rusty to place Chester, a 13 year old dog with a compromised immune system, kidney damage and chronic dermatitis resulting from the recent pet food poisonings, in their vehicle.  During her ensuing protests Ms. Taylor’s reading glasses were broken.  A citation was issued by the SPCA requiring her to appear at the Wilshire Police Division this Monday, February 11 in Room 717 of the administration building of the LAPD.


When the dog’s owner arrived for the hearing, she was advised by the SPCA that Chester would NOT be returned to her – and would instead be adopted out.


The above facts have been verified by several people who contacted the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Animal Services, and the SPCA Los Angeles.  


Now, this is where things start getting interesting (in case you thought non-government employees illegally acting as police officers, pulling handguns in broad daylight, and stealing an old dog from a citizen eating her lunch at one of the busiest intersections in Los Angeles wasn’t attention-getting enough).


Ms. Taylor has made complaints of some sort in the past that reached the ears of the LAPD and the LAAS.  According to a former LAPD officer who apparently had contact with her:

“This woman has been a thorn in the side of both Rampart and Wilshire Divisions. She does have some psychological issues but can and does understand the law…  She has made numerous complaints and I was contacted by the Chief Bratton's office for advice…


… This woman has a reputation as a Drama Queen and makes up stories to suit her will…”



 Other have now provided statements that SPCA officers have, in fact, been arrested for impersonating peace officers.  The arrests came when the SPCA employees attempted to enter a courtroom while carrying their firearms.  Yes.  The SPCA in Los Angeles allows or requires its’ field agents to carry firearms.


Another interesting fact: Chester’s custody hearing was held in the same building where the LAPD police chief has his office.  Yet according to at least two persons who contacted the Wilshire Watch Commander, all animal control hearings should be held onsite at Animal Services buildings. And a key legal detail is that the hearing was held 11 days after the illegal seizure, not within the ten days as prescribed by law.


The LA City Charter states that only ONE animal agency may hold the Animal services contract - and that is LAAS. Not the SPCA.  A complaint was filed with Los Angeles Internal Affairs because this action occurred during LAPD’s watch. 


The SPCA Los Angeles does not operate an animal shelter.  No one is saying where Chester is being held – or if he, in his precarious physical health, is still alive.  Rusty Taylor is highly concerned about her dog, the violations of her civil rights, and the implications these actions by a private, non-governmental agency have for other pet owners in Los Angeles and elsewhere. 


What if this happened to you, your friends or your family? 

Since this incident has come to the public’s attention, Ms. Taylor has been advised by the SPCA that Chester may be returned to her if she provides evidence that he belongs to her.  This too is interesting, since she has to date not been charged with theft of this animal. 


Another interesting statement has also come forth from the LAPD’s Anti-Cruelty Task Force.  This type of gun-toting takedown by the SPCA Los Angeles “happens all the time.”  This incident is being ‘over exaggerated.’ 


Really?  I wonder.  Sounds to me like the Gestapo is alive and well in Los Angeles.




I would like to further clarify WHY this incident is a clear case representing how the SPCA VIOLATED Rusty Taylor’s rights as well as the LAW.

For those of you that do not care that her or that her dog could be dead for all we know already since the SPCA does not have any shelter, then perhaps you will be concerned as to how they operate OUTSIDE OF THE LAW. This is very important that each & every one of us understands the LAW and OUR RIGHTS:


830.9.  Animal control officers are not peace officers but may

exercise the powers of arrest of a peace officer as specified in

Section 836 and the power to serve warrants as specified in Sections

1523 and 1530 during the course and within the scope of their

employment, if those officers successfully complete a course in the

exercise of those powers pursuant to Section 832.  That part of the

training course specified in Section 832 pertaining to the carrying

and use of firearms shall not be required for any animal control

officer whose employing agency prohibits the use of firearms.

   For the purposes of this section, "firearms" includes capture

guns, blowguns, carbon dioxide operated rifles and pistols, air guns,

handguns, rifles, and shotguns.





Animal Control (which the SPCA is NOT) can ride along, knock on the















Animal Control Officers are not PEACE OFFICERS


SPCA/la were ACTING UNDER COLOR OF LAW violating both Penal Code 830.9

and CPC 146 et seq. personation of a peace officer violating seizure

and in State & Federal Law Terms







FACT: LAAS animal control officers as well as LA County Animal control officers DO NOT CARRY GUNS. Why is it necessary for the SPCA officers to carry guns?

In fact, they carry two 9mm guns, one in their Sam Brown Police belt which includes the side weapon holster, baton, handcuffs and a knife! They carry the 2nd 9mm in their boot!


If this is not Gestapo SPCA—what is???


Here below is pic taken on a cell phone minutes before these SPCA weapon carrying officers were arrested on April 17, 2007, in LA for impersonating peace officers. Notice how they LOOK IDENTICAL to police officers in their uniforms & gear complete with a BADGE! Do you think that is unintentional?


I suggest you all get a wake up call & then send 10 of your pet loving friends this email. Let’s educate America as to what exactly is happening in the animal rights movement. During every Animal Cops on Animal Planet, they suggest sending donations to the SPCA. Do you think you should?





Here is an excerpt as to how the Dept. of Justice sees abuse on citizens over 50 years old:

Obviously, animal rights groups are not concerned with the treatment of senior citizens! SPCA should take a course in the prevention of cruelty to elders.

Recognizing that individuals who are 50 years of age or older who are victims of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation, including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking, face unique barriers to receiving assistance, Congress created the Enhanced Training and Services to End Violence and Abuse of Women Later in Life Program (Training Grants Program)

Administered by the Office on Violence Against Women, this grant program creates a unique opportunity for providing or enhancing training and services to address elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation, including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking, involving victims who are 50 years of age or older.

Elder Abuse

The term “elder abuse” means any action against a person who is 50 years of age or older that constitutes the willful infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation, or cruel punishment with resulting physical harm, pain, or mental anguish; or deprivation by a person, including a caregiver, of goods or services with the intent to cause physical harm, mental anguish, or mental illness.  Elder abuse victims face unique obstacles in seeking assistance because they often are dependent on the abusers and may not have the option to move or otherwise end the abusive relationships.

It is critical for those in the criminal and civil justice system to recognize indicators that an older individual is being abused.  These indicators may include unexplained physical injuries or contradictory explanation of injuries; changes in behavior such as withdrawal, increased agitation or depression; malnutrition; substandard care or poor physical hygiene in spite of seemingly adequate financial resources; or sudden transfers of assets to family members, caregivers, or other persons. 

Ms. Taylor is entitled to the STATE OF CALIFORNIA VICTIM'S FUND $10,000.

If it starts costing Arnold money he may listen.

The law is included below for your reading pleasure:


146.  Every public officer, or person pretending to be a public

officer, who, under the pretense or color of any process or other

legal authority, does any of the following, without a regular process

or other lawful authority, is guilty of a misdemeanor:

   (a) Arrests any person or detains that person against his or her


   (b) Seizes or levies upon any property.

   (c) Dispossesses any one of any lands or tenements.




146a.  (a) Any person who falsely represents himself or herself to

be a deputy or clerk in any state department and who, in that assumed

character, does any of the following is guilty of a misdemeanor

punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months,

by a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500),

or both the fine and imprisonment:

   (1) Arrests, detains, or threatens to arrest or detain any person.


   (2) Otherwise intimidates any person.

   (3) Searches any person, building, or other property of any


   (4) Obtains money, property, or other thing of value.

   (b) Any person who falsely represents himself or herself to be a

public officer, investigator, or inspector in any state department

and who, in that assumed character, does any of the following shall

be punished by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year,

by a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500),

or by both that fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment in the

state prison:

   (1) Arrests, detains, or threatens to arrest or detain any person.


   (2) Otherwise intimidates any person.

   (3) Searches any person, building, or other property of any


   (4) Obtains money, property, or other thing of value.





146b.  Every person who, with intent to lead another to believe that

a request or demand for information is being made by the State, a

county, city, or other governmental entity, when such is not the

case, sends to such other person a written or printed form or other

communication which reasonably appears to be such request or demand

by such governmental entity, is guilty of a misdemeanor.




146c.  Every person who designates any nongovernmental organization

by any name, including, but not limited to any name that incorporates

the term "peace officer," "police," or "law enforcement," that would

reasonably be understood to imply that the organization is composed

of law enforcement personnel, when, in fact, less than 80 percent of

the voting members of the organization are law enforcement personnel

or firefighters, active or retired, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

   Every person who solicits another to become a member of any

organization so named, of which less than 80 percent of the voting

members are law enforcement personnel or firefighters, or to make a

contribution thereto or subscribe to or advertise in a publication of

the organization, or who sells or gives to another any badge, pin,

membership card, or other article indicating membership in the

organization, knowing that less than 80 percent of the voting members

are law enforcement personnel or firefighters, active or retired, is

guilty of a misdemeanor.

   As used in this section, "law enforcement personnel" includes

those mentioned in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title

3 of Part 2, plus any other  officers in any segment of law

enforcement who are employed by the state or any of its political subdivisions.




RESPONSIBLE "Preserving our
OWNER'S Constitutional Rights"

February 2008

Dear Pet Owner:

We’re at war! It’s a war we didn’t want, but the City of Los Angeles has declared war on us, on our right to own and care for our pets, and our right to responsibly breed them and make appropriate healthcare decisions for them without intrusive government intervention.

On February 12, 2008, the City of Los Angeles passed a compulsory sterilization ordinance. We must not let the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), animal rights lobbyist Judie Mancuso, termed-out Assemblyman Lloyd Levine (author of the awful AB 1634), LA Animal Services’ Director Ed Boks, and other animal rights extremists go unchallenged in the second largest city in the United States. If we fail to stop this terrible law here, it could spread to every city and county in this country!

This law will do nothing to curb “pet overpopulation” or encourage responsible pet ownership. It will do nothing to reduce stray dogs or feral cats. It will squander millions of taxpayer dollars to wage war against already responsible pet owners. It will adversely affect anyone who owns a dog or cat; enters a dog or cat in any show or performance event; or wants to responsibly breed a dog or cat in Los Angeles.

The good news is that we can challenge this law’s constitutionality.

Pet owners in Louisville, Kentucky are facing a similar law and are in federal court contesting that city’s ability to interfere with the rights of responsible pet owners. A coalition of Louisville kennel clubs and responsible pet-owner groups is funding a lawsuit, which has a good chance of having that city’s ordinance declared unconstitutional. Fighting the good fight doesn’t come cheap; it has cost that coalition more than $100,000. To mount that kind of battle here, against animal rights extremists and the politicians who enable them, will cost us at least that amount of money and probably considerably more.

CaRPOC (California Responsible Pet Owners’ Coalition) is your family, friends, and neighbors. We are the same group of outraged dog and cat owners who fought AB1634 last year. BUT THE FIGHT AGAINST THIS ORDINANCE IN LOS ANGELES IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FIGHT AGAINST AB 1634.

Compulsory sterilization ordinances are a lethal epidemic that could do what the extremists who wrote AB 1634 want most --destroy the rights of responsible owners and breeders of dogs and cats everywhere. To wage this fight, we need your support NOW!

We are fortunate to have been able to engage the international law firm of Greenberg Traurig, LLP to represent us. Since its founding in 1982, the Sacramento office of Greenberg Traurig has had more than 25 years experience influencing government. During that time they have represented pharmaceutical companies, consumer product manufacturers and other for profit and nonprofit entities in connection with animal legislation and regulation. Their experience goes far beyond animal issues, including more than 25 years of holding government accountable. They have successfully invalidated both statutes and regulations when government has overreached its authority or otherwise infringed on legally protected rights.

This battle isn’t about purebreds or pedigrees, or even just about Los Angeles --it’s a battle for ALL of our pets EVERYWHERE — cats and dogs, working, performance, show, service, therapy, law enforcement, couch potatoes, mixed breeds, purebreds and pedigrees.

To mount this challenge, good wishes, reasoned arguments and outraged letters aren’t enough. We need money to battle this entrenched and well-funded enemy, which is intent on destroying the rights of responsible pet owners nationwide. We need to raise a minimum of $25,000 within the next 10 days to begin this fight. CaRPOC has asked Jack Bradshaw, whose family has been superintending dog shows for well over a century in California and the Southwest, to oversee the funds collected, lending our efforts an unexcelled reputation for fairness and integrity.

Here’s what you need to do immediately:

Write a check made payable to: CaRPOC

Mail that check today to: CaRPOC
11301 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite #121-596
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Forward this letter to friends and fellow pet-lovers ASAP and ask them to donate.

Make copies and distribute this call to action at events, gatherings, club meetings and in front of your local market. This affects every pet owner in Los Angeles.

On behalf of the pets that we love and the future of pet-ownership in LA and beyond, thank you in advance for joining with us and for your support now and in the future.

For more information, visit:
email CaRPOC


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