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HSUS Supports Terrorism?
AB 1122 CA BILL by ASM Ted Lieu
Breed Specific Legislation
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On February 27th, 2008, a visit by the Kern County Animal Services was made to the home out in the Mojave desert of three elderly people who are all three handicapped. The supposed complaint was for a sick dog or pup.

The unusual part is why four sheriff deputy squad units went along on this supposed “visit”. WHY???

The handicapped victim cooperated with the deputies and showed that the dog in question was on medication, giving the deputy the medicine as proof. Within seconds, she was TASERED IN THE BACK and left unconscious for 45 minutes without medical attention nor seemingly any care rendered by the many deputies and ACO on site. WHY???

The usual effect of a taser victim is to be stunned for a few short minutes, not unconsciousness. In all probability, this woman was probably tasered multiple times which is NOT ever recommended unless a law enforcement officer fears for their life in an isolated area with no back-up. Furthermore, such multiple tasering has caused the death of individuals. It is also recommended that just the threat of taser use be employed first. The tasering in the back of this woman would not lead one to believe that that course of action was employed.  WHY???

Many of you believe that YOU are protected by the local authorities. Many of you believe that you have Constitutional rights that protect you and your property. Many of you believe that should a rogue animal control agency come to YOUR door, you will simply deny them access, or cooperate as you have committed no crime, and therefore, have nothing to fear. Many of YOU have said you will not allow them to take your beloved pets. Many of YOU say you will video-tape the event and THAT will help to protect you.

Well, let’s all look at the video that these individuals did indeed take while being terrorized and their fear is palpatable as they attempt to videotape while breathing heavily in sheer terror.

Watch how only seconds after handing the deputy the medication, the woman is tasered in the back, left unconscious without any medical help for 45 minutes and even kicked in the stomach twice by the deputy. Ask any EMT if an obese handicapped person should be left to lie face down in the dirt with all their weight on an already compromised heart and lungs as well as the additional physical impediment of being handcuffed while unconscious. Ask the Kern County Sheriff if kicking a victim is the protocol for administering aid.

Be assured that Senator Roy Ashburn of Kern County district has been apprised of this atrocity against his citizens as well as other Senators including Senator Gloria Romero, Majority Leader of the Senate, and Chairperson of the Public Safety Senate Committee. We look to our representatives to investigate the corrupt Kern County where mass murder of shelter pets are occurring and citizens are terrorized of any possible inquiry by the Animal Control, which was once staffed by caring individuals now pushed out by a NAZI minded group of animal rights terrorists.

Are you so sure that the NAZI Brownshirts are NOT here in America?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps a video will be worth a million.

It is in two parts:

If you feel that these individuals warrants our help, please contact the authorities and  demand JUSTICE:

There are 3 ways you can help:

  1. Contact the members of the Kern County Board of Supervisors at this link: let them know you oppose a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance and any and all animal legislation put forth by animal rights.

2.Attend the rally at 5 p.m. this Saturday, March 29th at the Kern County Fairgrounds, following the Kern Co. Kennel Club Dog Show.

3.Call your Senate representative and demand your Constitutional rights, including your right to property and due process be protected above all laws and ordinances:

Barbarity At Animal Shelter Key To
Kern County Spay/Neuter Law Debate

American Sporting Dog Alliance

BAKERSFIELD, CA – The Kern County Board of Supervisors decided this
month to order a study of a mandatory spay and neuter ordinance,
citing rising kill rates at the county animal shelter.

However, an investigation by The American Sporting Dog Alliance
(ASDA) reveals that the cause of the rising euthanasia rates is not
an increase in the number of dogs and cats entering the shelter.
Instead, the higher kill rates are being caused by shelter policies
that are nothing short of barbaric.

An analysis of euthanasia rates shows that rural Kern County, with a
population of 661,000 people, killed 18,669 dogs and cats at its
shelter in 2007. That is 3,660 more dogs and cats killed than in the
entire City of Los Angeles, with a population of 3,695,000 people.

How can this happen?

ASDA learned that it happens because Kern County kills 67-percent to
80-percent of the animals that it takes in almost as soon as they
come in the door. It kills them before people are allowed to adopt
them, before rescue groups are allowed to help them, and before
their owners are given the time period mandated by law to reclaim

The Kern County shelter is divided into two parts, separated by what
has been sardonically nicknamed the green door. The green door is a
chain-link fence with diagonal green plastic strips to prevent
people from seeing through it.

When a dog or cat enters the shelter, it goes to the side of the
green door that is closed to the public. In 2007, 67-percent of
those dogs and cats never made it through the green door to the
public part of the shelter, where adoptions and rescues are
possible, and where owners can reclaim their lost pets without
hindrance. In many if not most cases, people who have lost a dog or
cat are not allowed to go behind the green door to search for it.

ASDA cannot perform a thorough statistical analysis, because Kern
failed to send legally required annual reports to the
California Department of Health Services for the years 2005 and
2006. However, complete data is available for 2004, from the state,
and for 2007, from the county animal control office:

ˇ In 2004, 13,097 dogs and 11,612 cats entered the Kern County
shelter, for a total of 24,709.

ˇ In 2007, 28,241 dogs and cats entered the shelter (we do not
have separate breakdowns for dogs and cats).

ˇ This represents an increase 3,532 animals from 2004 to 2007.
This increase corresponds to a doubling in the county's animal
control budget to $4.6 million during this period, and stepped up

ˇ In 2004, 21,073 dogs and cats were killed at the shelter.
This compares to 18,669 in 2007. This decrease in the kill ratio
appears to correspond with a lawsuit that was filed against the
county alleging illegal euthanasia practices, but Kern County kill
numbers are still 3,660 higher than the City of Los Angeles. The
county lost this landmark lawsuit in Superior Court in 2006, when
the plaintiff proved conclusively that county shelter practices were
inhumane and illegal.

The lawsuit made several substantiated allegations about why only a
few dogs and cats make it to the safe side of the green door. It
proved that:

ˇ The law requires the shelter to hold animals voluntarily
relinquished by their owners for at least four days, not counting
their initial period of impoundment. The lawsuit proved that the
shelter records showed that only one dog was held for 24 hours, and
the rest were killed immediately.

ˇ Cats identified as feral are killed immediately. They are
not given a period to settle down to see if they aren't simply
scared from being thrown into a shelter environment that could be
described as a madhouse.

ˇ The shelter could produce no records that any dog or cat in
its care has ever been given medical treatment. Any dog or cat
identified as sick is killed immediately, even if the ailment is
only minor.

ˇ Nursing puppies and kittens are killed immediately, even
though there is no reason to do this, and some of them could be
weaned and able to find good homes.

ˇ A satellite shelter uses an illegal anonymous "drop bin,"
where people can dump their animals after hours. The animals are
sometimes mixed together, and some have been killed by other animals
in the bins. Mangled body parts of dead animals have been pulled
from these bins.

ˇ People who are looking for missing pets are not permitted to
look for them on the hidden side of the green door, unless their
descriptions match descriptions on the computer system. One employee
reportedly lists almost every dog as a "shepherd mix" on the
computer system. Many people have been denied the chance to search
for their missing pets, and the animals are not being held on public
display for four days as is required by law.

ˇ The euthanasia drug for both dogs and cats is Euthanol-6,
which is listed by the manufacturer as being safe for dogs only,
because it causes intense pain for cats. Only one shelter euthanasia
technician has received the mandated training required for this job.

In addition, the Kern County shelter uses a behavior test to measure
the temperament of all dogs entering the facility. It is a test that
most dogs – and even most eight-week-old puppies – fail. Failing
this test was a death sentence for 3,555 Kern County dogs in 2007.

These temperament tests are designed to eliminate vicious or
unstable animals. However, veterinarians say that almost no eight-
week-old puppies would fail a temperament test – except in Kern
, where almost all of them fail.

Since the lawsuit was filed, more animals are passing through the
green door to safety. In 2005, a reported 80-percent were killed.
This had dropped to 67-percent in 2007.

However, many rescue groups say they are willing and able to help
many more dogs from Kern County, but have not been permitted to do
so. Like members of the general public, personnel from rescue groups
and no-kill shelters are not permitted to go behind the green door
to save some of the dogs.

The lawsuit was filed by Frazier Park, CA, rescuer Patricia Lock.
She is represented by Ventura, CA, attorney Kate Neiswender.

As an answer to the shelter problems, the Kern County supervisors
appear ready to impose an ordinance mandating that all dogs in the
county be spayed or neutered.

However, ASDA has documented that calls for a publicly funded
voluntary low-cost spay and neuter program have been stalled off or
ignored for several years. Various committees have strongly
recommended this kind of program, but the supervisors have failed to
act on these recommendations.

In Kern County, donations by veterinarians and rescue groups have
produced a modest low-cost program, but residents of this
economically distressed rural county have not had access to the
kinds of low-cost voluntary programs that have been credited with
dramatically reducing shelter populations in most communities in

The supervisors appear to be taking the advice of Tammy Grimes, a
well-known activist for mandatory spay and neuter laws with close
ties to several extreme animal rights groups that want to eliminate
the private ownership of animals. In 2006, David Price, who heads
the Kern County animal control program committee, joined Ms. Grimes,
Humane Society of the United State representative Adam Goldfarb, and
other animal activists on the stage at an event called "Chain Off
2006" for a group called Dogs Deserve Better.

In addition, Laguna Beach animal rights activist Judy Mancuso has
praised the supervisors for shifting toward a mandatory spay and
neuter ordinance.

It is our conclusion that the problems with animal shelter
populations and euthanasia in Kern County are entirely self-
inflicted. It is utterly illogical to use the situation at the Kern
shelter to justify a mandatory pet sterilization ordinance.

We can only speculate about the reasons why the Board of Supervisors
allowed the barbaric conditions at the shelter to continue for many
years. It appears to us that the proposed ordinance is revenge
against dog owners for losing the lawsuit about the terrible
conditions at the shelter.

It also appears to us (although we cannot prove it) that the high
euthanasia rates at the shelter and the refusal to allow people
access to shelter animals to reclaim lost pets or rescue animals,
reflects the animal rights philosophy that opposes the private
ownership of animals. Radical animal rights groups, such as People
for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), believe that euthanasia
is preferable to owning an animal.

At PETA's own "shelter" in Virginia, 97-percent of the animals were
killed in 2006. Is this what is happening in Kern County? We don't
know, but that is the way it is appearing to us. We must ask if the
shelter killings are a deliberate attempt to reduce animal ownership
in the present, and if the spay and neuter ordinance is not intended
as a giant step toward eliminating animal ownership in the future.

The American Sporting Dog Alliance urges our members and readers to
contact the Kern County Board of Supervisors to voice opposition to
the proposed mandatory spay and neuter ordinance. Supervisor Jon
McQuiston's email is; Supervisor Don Maben's
email is (Maben plays a key role in this
issue); Supervisor Mike Maggard's email is;
Supervisor Ray Watson's email is; and
Supervisor Michael Rubio's email is The
mailing address is Kern County Board of Supervisors, 1115 Truxton
, Fifth Floor, Bakersfield, CA 93301.

The American Sporting Dog Alliance strongly opposes mandatory pet
sterilization ordinances, which have been proven to backfire and
make the problem worse. We believe that this is an unfair an
irrational interference with the rights and lives of dog owners.
Such an ordinance makes no sense in light of dramatic statewide and
national declines in the number of dogs entering shelters,
especially in areas with strong public education and low-cost
voluntary programs.

Please visit us on the web at Your participation and
membership are vital to our work to protect the rights of dog
owners. We maintain strict independence and are supported only by
the voluntary donations of our members.

Thank you, Mr. Yates, for allowing us to re-print your article here. 

March 20, 2008


Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Attorney General's Office

California Department of Justice

Sacramento, CA 94244-2550




History is repeating itself.


Have you ever asked yourself how the NAZI party came into power? What events or social change occurred to allow the atrocities that came with this upheaval? There are deeply troubling parallels and correlating events occurring here in America that mirrors the early days of the birth of the Nazi party. A key point is the explosion of animal rights organizations and their political power to influence both law and justice while influencing our children in schools with “animal rights” programs as did the NAZI party. The NAZI party utilized schools as well as news reels in the movie houses to urge civic duty to report “animal abuse” including using whips on carriage horses. This snitch culture is now finding its way into the fabric of America with local “watch groups” employed to snitch on dog breeders, owners that tether their dogs, and owners of horses to name but a few.


"The preoccupation with animal protection in Nazi Germany was evident in other social institutions and continued almost until the end of World War II. In 1934, the new government hosted an international conference on animal protection in Berlin. Over the speaker's podium, surrounded by enormous swastikas, were the words "Entire epochs of love will be needed to repay animals for their value and service" (Meyer 1975). In1936 the German Society for Animal Psychology was founded, and in 1938 animal protection was accepted as a subject to be studied in German public schools and universities."

Many individuals in Nazi Germany genuinely believed in the "rights" of non-human animals, yet they simultaneously were capable of cruel behavior against members of the Jewish faith. Not only that, but they went as far as using animal protection as a justification for their inhumanity to the Jewish people, as explained by Arluke and Sax. ~~Martin Husley, Nazi-era Historian

When the Nazi Party came into power in 1933, one of its priorities was to implement its "progressive" environmental policies... The Reichsnaturschutzgesetz of 1935 established laws every modern environmentalist would be proud of... restrictions on the commercial exploitation of wilderness, reforestation programs, protection of animals, plants, and "natural monuments", and the world's first "animal rights" laws. The Nazi agricultural minister from 1933 to 1942 was Walther Darré, who implemented a massive campaign for organic farming. Darré was a rabid racist who described the Jews as "weeds". ~~End Times article

This overall philosophy that there is no difference between animals and humans perpetuated by the animal rights movement can easily lead to the next logical stage: the micro-chipping (identification as perpetuated against the Holocaust victims) and sterilization of humans. These groups support the mandatory micro-chipping and sterilization of animals.

In fact, the Humane Society of the United States has ongoing research into sterilization of bears via contraception and chemical castration.  Hypocritically, they exert political muscle against vivisection and animal research. They promote veganism not only within society but to our children while they are at school circumventing the awareness of parents. Homo sapien as a species is an omnivore and children and infants do not develop properly nor can maintain health on a vegan diet.

Another tactic of the NAZI party was to infiltrate animal organizations to control the public as well as breeding programs. Today we see this as HSUS places key people in critical positions in animal control department leadership and supporting local SPCAs to gain power in communities. Many abuses are being seen at this level already with the LA SPCA, armed and jack-booted with two 9mm weapons and operating illegally within the Los Angeles City limits to illegally without cause or due process or legal authority  to take dogs from the elderly then selling them within weeks on their website. In Kern County, one of the worse cases of police brutality in collusion with the sheriff’s department and the animal control violated due process and subjected the elderly and handicapped to a violent raid due to a reportedly sick puppy. That puppy was on medication shown to the officers in good faith by the citizen. The State of California in the Court of Appeals has determined that “criminal negligence” is more than ordinary negligence in regards to animal care (California v. Wood). These two departments are now clearly attempting to not only railroad these unfortunate citizens but also to cover-up their brutality seeking to obtain the tape taken of the event, alter times of medical assistance and use the justice system to effect cruelty upon these senior/handicapped individuals.

It is YOUR duty to protect your citizens from this abuse and to give relief to the animal owners of the State of California by helping to stem the ever advancing illegal legislation in the form of underground rules being instituted county to county within our state.

Many incidents and violations of the law are occurring on YOUR WATCH too numerous to name here but can be supplied to investigators including evidence. We implore you to protect us, our property and most importantly, our Constitutional rights, which without, we will lose our freedoms and rights we cherish for which our citizens have sacrificed their lives so that we may live free here in America, here in California.

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